In order to try to make the whole experience in the various applications and services more secure, the 2FA security method (authentication by two factors) was implemented globally, since it is considered the most secure today. Among the various options available, the Google Authenticator application has become the most popular, being used by millions of users.

However, a new report from the security company Threatfabric revealed that new malware for Android has emerged that can steal the codes generated by the Google application. Apparently, this is a variant of the renowned Cerberus banking trojan.

Android Malware Google Cerberus

Malware doesn’t seem to be active yet, but it already presents itself as a real threat

According to the Threatfabric, it seems that the trojan has not yet been “advertised” in communities in the Dark Web, and it is possible that it is still in the testing phase. Still, the simple fact that it has been proven that it can access these security codes, makes it a real threat.

In the report, it is revealed that the new Cerberus manages to take advantage of accessibility privileges to steal Google Authenticator’s 2FA codes. Basically, when the application is open, you can access the contents on the screen, sending the generated codes to an external server in real time.

Google Malware Android

Google needs to be able to fight this malware!

At this early stage, it is crucial that Google focus its efforts on developing additional security barriers not only for Android, but also for its application. If this new malware starts to spread over the Dark Web, guaranteed that the results will be catastrophic.

The Google Authenticator application is used by millions of users in hundreds of different applications and services. Being one of the most popular with users, it has also become one of the most used by companies that resort to this security method.

In addition to the various Google applications and services, there are many banking institutions, cryptocurrency services, bookmakers and other platforms that use the application to ensure the security of their users’ accounts. Considering that all these platforms generate large amounts of money daily, it is easy to imagine the amount of damage that can be caused.

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