4All day running from one place to another, there are more and more things to do and you don’t have time to clean. You need something you can program and forget, you need a smart vacuum. The big question is, How to choose the best smart vacuum cleaner? Keep reading, I will explain everything you need to know about these home gadgets.

Why you should buy a smart vacuum cleaner

What advantages does a robot vacuum cleaner offer? I am sure that you have ever asked yourself this and, whether due to ignorance, the rush of the day or for other reasons, you leave without an answer. Let’s try not to happen again.

We have many reasons why you should buy a robot vacuum cleaner but to simplify everything, if you are one of the following types of users, you should seriously consider your purchase:

  • If you are one person with little time For daily tasks, this type of equipment will keep the floor of your house clean without you having to worry.
  • The elderly or people with reduced mobility They will have a great ally with these robots, which clean under furniture and pass through much of the corners.
  • If you have pets who regularly change their hair, one of these vacuum cleaners will keep your floor in better condition.
  • All we have dust allergies We know that keeping the house clean makes our lives easier.
  • Just because you don’t like cleaning too much, but you want to keep your house in good condition.

Tips for choosing the best smart cleaning robot

Of course, not all smart vacuum cleaners are suitable for all homes. There are some details in which you should pay special attention to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Brush type: It is very important because, depending on its characteristics, cleaning will be more or less effective. The number and position of the brushes is also an important factor since, the lateral ones will allow to reach all the corners better while the or the inferior ones act on the surface of the ground.

  • Power: Another fundamental detail that you should pay attention to is the suction power. But, something you should keep in mind is that more power does not mean more cleaning effectiveness. More important is sufficient power (around 1,600 Pascals) and a good distribution of the robot brushes.
  • Capacity / deposits: the deposit or deposits of these equipment determines the storage capacity of dirt or, in the case of those who have the possibility of scrubbing, the volume of water available. The deposits of these robots are usually between 0.5l – 2.5l so, depending on the size of your house or the amount of dirt that is generated, you will need a deposit of greater or lesser capacity.
  • Mapping system: This is another important detail that greatly affects the efficiency and cleaning time. The most economical models move from one place to another of our houses randomly while, if we go to higher models, we find systems that are based on infrared or even a map of the environment generated by laser navigation.

  • Autonomy: Depending on the amount of surface to be cleaned, autonomy is another detail to take into account since, as you can imagine, the larger the surface, the more the mAh will need the vacuum cleaner to perform the cleaning. Although, to alleviate the lack of autonomy, many of these teams have a “return home” mode to recharge and, after this, continue cleaning our house.
  • Type of housing: In addition to the parameters of the vacuum cleaner itself, there are other details that we must take into account as the type of home we have. If you live in a house on one floor and, in addition, you do not have an excessive amount of furniture that can prevent the robot from passing, these intelligent vacuum cleaners are what you need.
  • Programmable modes: Depending on the model you purchase, it will have a greater or lesser number of cleaning modes ranging from “normal cleaning”, deep cleaning modes, restricted area (to delimit an area through which we do not want to pass) or, even, scrubbing (if you have a water tank). In addition to the modes to set what time it will clean.

  • Interaction systems: The mode of interaction with intelligent vacuum cleaners can be in three ways. Through remote control, using your own application or, sometimes, through voice commands with the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant or Google Assistant.

Now is the time to list what your minimum requirements are. This is important not to buy a robot that exceeds your needs and make you spend more than necessary. Or on the contrary, that you buy a model that then falls short and feels that you have thrown away the money.

So, think carefully about how you are going to use it, when, type of housing and furniture. From there, it will be very easy to choose which model to buy. Surely if you consider all this right and you will see how this type of Gadgets is able to change something better as necessary as household chores.