Make Kodi or other Apple apps last forever on Apple TV 4, iPad or iPhone

Make Kodi or other Apple apps last forever on Apple TV 4, iPad or iPhone Image
Make Kodi or other Apple apps last forever on Apple TV 4, iPad or iPhone Image

How to stop Apple revoking apps

In this post, we will show you how to make Kodi or other apps last forever on Apple TV 4, iPad, or iPhone. First, let us explain how this all works. Some are apps like Kodi are not in the official Apple store. If you wanted to run Kodi on an Apple TV 4 or another Apple device. And you would also need to sign the app with an Apple developer certificate. You can use a free 7-day Apple developer certificate. Or you could use an IOS/TVOS signing service 1 Year Account.

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Apple signing certificates 

All Apple applications have a signed certificate embedded into the app. Apps in the official Apple Store have a lifetime certificate as they have been approved and signed by Apple. Now if you have an app like Kodi, that is not in the Apple Store and has never been approved to run on an Apple device. The only way to get Kodi to install on an Apple device would be to get a free Apple developer account, sign it with your devices UDID then sideload it onto your device.

Why Apple stops Applications from running

If you are running Kodi on an Apple device, it will have an expiry date. Apple will stop apps from running on your device if they have an expired certificate. They do this by checking the certificates of every app you have installed. If you used a free developer account to sign your apps after 7 days the apps will fail to load and crash. And if you used A paid services after 12 Month the apps will also crash fail to load.

How Apple is blocking and revoking apps

When Apple revokes an app that has an expired certificate the app will crash and will not start. Apple checks all the certificates for every app on your device, this could be done when you start your device or when you try to use the app. Apple blocks apps by automatically checking this URL: from your Apple device. If one of your apps has an expired certificate the response from would say do not let that app run anymore.

Now we know how Apple is blocking applications and we also know the URL that Apple uses. It is very simple to stop Apple from revoking or blocking apps from running. All you need to do is block the connection between your device and Below you will find guides on how to stop Apple from revoking your Apple apps.

How to stop Apple revoking or blocking Applications Apple TV 4

The easiest way to do this would be to use your internet service providers prenatal control settings. The Apple TV 4, is usually connected to a home internet connection as the Apple TV 4 is designed for the television. This would normally be a Broadband connection or Fibre connection using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Most internet service providers have some form of parental control that will allow you to block access to certain websites of your choice.

In these prenatal control settings, you can add to your blacklist. When you add the URL  to your blacklist it will prevent any device connected to your internet visiting that URL. Bellow, you will find links to the most common US and UK internet providers Parental control settings. If your provider is not on this list a simple Google search with your provider’s name and “how to block website“. Follow the steps below to stop Apple revoking apps for the Apple TV 4.

Stop Apple revoking or blocking Applications Apple TV 4


  • Click on one of the internet providers above
  • Follow onscreen instructions to block a website
  • Add this URL to the blacklist
  • Click save
  • Restart your router
  • Complete Apps will now no longer get revoked or blocked by Apple

How to stop Apple revoking or blocking Applications Apple iPhones, iPads

With iPhones and iPads, they can use mobile data and might not always be connected to your Home network. For these devices, you can simply use an ad blocker. By installing an ad blocker from the Apple Store, you can set your IOS device to blacklisted websites. The ad blocker we recommend is called AdBlock and costs £1.99. You do not need to use this one and others could work too. We recommend AdBlock because you can a custom URL or website to the blacklist. Once installed you need to add to the blacklist of sites not allowed to visit. This will stop your IOS device from checking the status of your apps certificates. By following the simple steps below, you can install any app on your IOS device for as long as you like.

Stop Apple revoking or blocking Applications iPhones iPads


  • Download this App
  • Open app and log in
  • Go to Settings > Group and domains
  • Click Add group and enter any name you like
  • Click Add domains.
  • Add this URL
  • Slide up to enable
  • Confirm VPN profile to be installed
  • Complete now your IOS device will not have its apps blocked.


In this guide, we have shown you how to bypass Apple app revoking tactics. Now you can install any Apple App on any device for as long as you like. Gone are the days when Apple can force your apps to stop working after 7 days. with this simple tutorial, you can make Kodi or other apps last forever on Apple TV 4, iPad, or iPhone.


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