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Make it disappear from your life: all about crashes on Facebook

The art of blocking

Facebook delete posts

Would you be able to erase someone from your life so that you would not have to see them again? That is more or less what social networks allow with the help of locking functionsHowever, if extreme measures are not your thing and you prefer something more politically correct so as not to attract too much attention, you are in the right place.

How to hide posts on Facebook

Hide facebook post

The first thing you could do is hide certain people or posts from appearing in your feed. The feed is the main page where you see all the publications of your contacts and pages that you follow in a cascade, so by preventing them from appearing, you will stop seeing them.

It is important to note that this action is not a block, so the person or page can continue to see your photos and posts normally. You would simply be ruling out that their publications appear every time you open Facebook. Tired of those brother-in-law messages? Do you want to make that fan of your rival team disappear who only laughs at your losses? The mute button will take away more of a problem.

To perform this action you have three options available, and that is that you can hide a post punctual and avoid similar posts (according to the Facebook algorithm), stop viewing posts from that account for 30 days or permanently mute to that person or account so that you never receive their publications again (but you will remain friends on Facebook).

To select one of these options you just have to click on the ellipsis that you will find in the upper right corner of the publication, and choose the option you need at that time.

How can I undo a crash?

Facebook blocking

If you have hidden a post or a contact, you can always undo the changes to give it a try again. For this, you will have to access the preferences of the news section by clicking on the option that you will find on the main Facebook page, within the drop-down menu of the upper right arrow.

Facebook blocking

Block someone on Facebook

If your patience has run out and you want to prevent someone from contacting you or knowing about you with any type of publication, the most radical and effective solution is to block it so I can’t have any contact with you. As in previous options, you will have to enter your account settings and access the section Privacy and then in Locks to enter the name of the contact you want to block.

We will meet again

Facebook delete posts

Finally, if what you want is to end a friendship in good manners, you can always choose the option of stop being friends. This option will not notify the other person at any time, so you can do it in secret. You will be the person who takes the blame, but at least you will stop beating yourself up by seeing his luxurious and happy life with his publications. You have stopped being his friend, but perhaps at some point your lives will intersect again in a simple tagging of a meme.

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