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Magnets are the new velcro: new mounts for the iPhone 12

Hold your iPhone 12 of 1,000 euros with magnets

Using magnets to hold different devices is nothing new. What’s more, we recently saw it with DJI’s new gimbal. He Osmo Mobile 4 uses strong magnets to hold the phone securely to it.

So, without going into who is copying whom, both ideas are just as striking and interesting. But that does not mean that there are still doubts, especially in the face of Apple’s proposal and certain uses that we are already beginning to see. Because it is not the same to seek that optimization in wireless charging, thanks to the correct alignment of the coils, than to think that you can hold the phone firmly in all kinds of situations, even when some bumps or shakes can easily occur.

Therefore, while it is true that the new Turing accessories are striking, they do not cease to generate some doubts. At least for certain users, because they seem to be clear that it is possible and hence they present two striking products.

The first one is a tripod mount and the second one of assembly and loading designed for the car. Both are very easy to understand just by looking at the images, but let’s go one by one anyway.

Of the tripod mount, say that it is basically like a paddle where we have a thread at the bottom (which is used to be attached to the head or tripod hook). Then at the top is the magnetized system that allows you to place the iPhone 12 both vertically and horizontally. So you can quickly and easily use it to make video calls from more suitable angles, take photos, record video or capture timelapses.

The second accessory is a support to mount the iPhone in the car that, in addition, allows to use the MagSafe charger to charge the terminal at the same time. This accessory also has a series of cojudas on the back that serve to attach it to arms or other accessories with which we can place it on the front window of the car or in the classic compartment for drinks of many cars. So, these mounting options and the possibility of loading make that such points.

However, both generate a clear doubt: Will they hold the terminal tight? The DJI system is very powerful and the feeling of being well anchored is clear from the first moment. Because both magnets do not generate doubt. However, although the firmness with which the new iPhone 12 and the new MagSafe connector do it surprises, there is a slight possibility after having tried it.

Therefore, it will be necessary to see and above all to prove to what extent you can or cannot trust to leave a device that costs you 1,000 euros in a support like these. Turing may have reinforced the magnet used in its holder and added a more powerful one, but still they are an accessory that always makes you fear that a simple blow or sudden movement could make your phone end up on the floor and you regret having bought it.

Something that, beware of this, can also happen with the new Sock Pocket in a magnetized version that have also been announced. And so we are clear that in a matter of months magnets will become the new velcro.


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