Madrid bans mobile phones in classrooms

Madrid bans mobile phones in classrooms

Using your mobile phone in classrooms in Madrid will be banned as early as next school year. The measure covers the 1700 public schools in the Community of Madrid, and affects about 800,000 non-university students.

According to El Mundo, this is a ban that affects “school periods”. However, there are exceptions. If the student needs to use the device for health or disability reasons, they can do so, just as they have to for educational purposes.

The measure aims to “improve student achievement” but also to combat cyberbullying and bullying. If the student does not comply with the measure of the regional government of Madrid, the punishment to be applied to him is defined by the teacher or the school board.

Schools may limit mobile phone use in other areas of school

This is a measure that comes after other regional governments, in Galicia and Castile-La Mancha, have already banned the use of their mobile phones in classrooms. It should be noted that, if they wish, schools may also limit the use of appliances in other areas of the school, such as in the playground.

It should be recalled that this type of ban has existed in France since 2018. There, public schools decide how they want to enforce the ban – there may be exceptions or may be total.

At the time of this ban, the Diário de Notícias spoke with specialists, teachers and parents in UK. They considered it “inappropriate” to ban the use of mobile phones in schools in our country.

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