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Lyft will offer trips to job interviews or training

Lyft will offer trips to job interviews or training

In some cities in the United States and Canada, the Lyft Private Shuttle will start a very beneficial project. The company will help individuals who need to go to training or job interviews by offering or giving discounts on round trips.

In addition, the company will offer free travel to those chosen during the first three weeks of work, pending the first salary. It is a very noble initiative that will surely help disadvantaged individuals to try to lead a normal life.

Lyft has partnered with nonprofit associations such as Goodwill, United Way and the National Down Syndrome Society to bring this effort to life. The initiative represents a $ 50 million investment aimed at improving transportation and infrastructure in the United States.

What would a similar initiative look like in UK?

Unfortunately, UK does not yet have the necessary conditions for this type of initiative to work, no matter how high the intention. Uber was the first private transport service popularized in UK and only in recent times has it become more common in UK's life.

However, despite its popularity, Uber's business has to focus because the UK's market is small. Companies like Uber can only proliferate in big cities like Lisbon and Porto, although they also exist in the surroundings.

In addition, the new Uber tax laws further motivate the company to invest in such initiatives. Therefore, if one day we see such an initiative in UK, it will be following some event and quite temporarily.

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