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Lumix S5, the affordable full frame from Panasonic?

Panasonic and its budget version of the Lumix S1

Lumix S1H 6K

There were rumors about an upcoming launch by Panasonic, a new camera seemed to point to the revamp of its popular Lumix GH series, with the current GH5 and GH5s leading the way. Two cameras that despite certain limitations or shortcomings compared to their rivals and have been on the market for a few years are still very valid for video productions mainly. But no, It will not be a new Lumix GH6 but a new Lumix S that seeing the movements of rivals like Sony or Canon makes a lot of sense.

The Lumix S5 would be the new camera that the Japanese manufacturer would present shortly, because the brand seems to have already been registered by some retailers. So it should not take long for the launch of this future proposal to become official, which would compete with others that are yet to come and even with the latest and highest-end models thanks to a much more contained price.

The future Lumix S5 would be a full-frame sensor camera. Hence, it is part of the S series and not the G or GH. Logically, to be competitive in terms of price there will be compromises that must be assumed as a body that possibly does not reach the level of quality in terms of sealing and resistance to water and dust that the highest-end models can offer with the Lumix S1H, a great camera that we could already test ourselves.

If it is confirmed, the new Panasonic proposal would be accompanied by an L-mount lens and focal 20-60 mm.

Lumix S5, what we would like to see

Lumix S1H design

Lumix S1H

Regarding photographic and video features, coming from Panasonic it is logical to think that the video format will maintain those characteristics and options that define the manufacturer’s cameras. Although it may happen as the first model the same as with the current S1, S1R and S1H, where each one is more focused or not on the subject of the photo or video.

However, the most interesting thing will be to know what improvements it can bring to be competitive against models like the Canon EBoxS RP or that also supposed new Sony A5 or A6. Better autofocus? 6K video? Video recording without time limitation? Nokia’s OZO audio capture system like the Lumix G100?

After our own experience using cameras from Panasonic, Sony, Canon and even Blackmagic, for the new Lumix S5 to gain a strong market penetration, the brand should offer the following:

  • Full Frame Sensor, maybe 20 MP, which allows good performance in photo by resolution and video in low light
  • Noticeable improvement in your autofocus system
  • Recording of 4K video at 60 fps and 10 bit, basically the same as GH5 at least
  • Microphone input and audio output for monitoring
  • 5-axis stabilizer

This would be, together with a price that does not exceed 1,500 euros per body, something basic to be interesting. Because the Canon EBoxS RP is for 1200 euros only the body and the possible future economic Sony with a full frame sensor would also be around.

We will have to be vigilant, because in a few weeks we could learn more data through new rumors, leaks or directly an official presentation. Although many may be wondering now: if this launch is confirmed, what will happen to the Lumix GH6? Will it see the light or does the micro four-thirds format have the days numbered?

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