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PS5 causes physical confrontation between two women (video)

As Christmas approaches, the scarcity of PlayStation 5 consoles in stores around the world is even...

This video shows the special effects of Watchmen (but the one you are thinking is not, why?)

The special effects of Watchmen on video He last chapter of Watchmen has convinced a good majority of the public. It is a well...

Woo: Vodafone, MEO and NOS have one more competitor that will talk!

Finally, a stir in the telecommunications market in our country. The new operator Woo has arrived...

25 years later you’ll be able to play as Akuma in Street Fighter Alpha 2

They discover a new trick for Street Fighter Alpha 2 Although there are many games and some of them very good, few can say that...

Luigi’s Mansion 3 already has its first DLC with minigames

What does the Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC include?

Luigi's Mansion 3 DLC

This Multiplayer Pack of Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes to offer a series of mini-games that allow players to face other users competing in a series of fun games. The so-called mode Luigi vs. Luigi will present 3 new mini-games for the enjoyment of users, including all these news:

  • Three new mini-games for multiplayer
  • Six new themed ghosts
  • Three new costumes for Luigi

Lugi's Mansion 3 DLC

  • Three new themed floors for cooperative mode

With the new costumes, players will be able to visit the floors that coincide with the theme of the costume they are wearing, with the medieval castle, the disco and the eternal Suites the places chosen for the occasion. Entering them through the Tower of challenges, we can meet the new ghosts that arrive dressed for the occasion.

The new costumes are the Green Knight, Mummigi Y Groovigi, while the mini-games will be Dodgebrawl, River bank Y Tricky Ghost Hunt. Another novelty is related to the flashlight, and this DLC includes a new type E flashlight that will show the face of Ectochucho at all times. This flashlight will be available in both the main story mode and the Challenge Tower.

Where can you download this DLC?

To get the multiplayer content you must visit the eShop or the official Nintendo website to get the downloadable content. Of course, this additional pack is sold separately, so you will have to pay the 9.99 euros worth to download it.

After making the payment, we can download the first pack of mini-games, and it will not be until next July 31 (at the latest) when we can download the second pack, which will give more details of what it includes when its launch approaches . Given that the first DLC was placed at the latest by April 30, the second multiplayer pack may arrive at the beginning of June approximately. We’ll see if we succeed.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has no feature of cheaper models

On January 14, Samsung introduced the new Samsung Galaxy S21 to the world. These are...

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