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Logitech’s new mouse saves space and wrist aches

This is the Logitech Ergo M575

Within the world of computer accessories, mice are one of the products where you can find more variants with practically no effort. Many brands launch proposals that seek to satisfy the needs of each type of user. First of all, in terms of price, there are very cheap options and others that you have to think about before purchasing. Although the most interesting is everything that has to do with the form factor.

Leaving aside the question of size, one of the great attractions of the world of computer mice is that you not only find classic designs but also others that seek maximize wearing comfort. It is true that the big problem with these is that they are usually models for right-handed users, but if you are one of those who use the mouse with that hand, you will be interested.

Among ergonomic mice, those that use a trackball have always attracted a lot of attention and Logitech has been one of the manufacturers with one of the most popular models, the Ergo M570. This ergonomic mouse now receives what we could call its first update after about ten years since its original launch.

He new Logitech Ergo M575 It is the latest proposal from the manufacturer in this field and the truth is that it comes with interesting improvements over its previous version. And most importantly for many, a price that does not cost too much to assume if it is the first time that you are going to use such a proposal and you doubt to what extent you will be able or not to adapt to it, but before revealing how much it costs, let’s go with its key points.

Available in black and white, this ergonomic mouse offers five buttons. Along with the classic left, right and central buttons that are integrated with the scroll wheel, there are also two more that you can customize or use to fast forward and backward the page. This, together with that design that allows the whole hand to rest on it and control through the trackball, offers greater theoretical comfort when using the device.

Although the biggest benefit could be in using it on small work surfaces, making it easy to create the perfect office at home and at work. With no arm or wrist to move around, the Ergo M575 could be an ideal solution for many users.

For the rest, it connects wirelessly to the computer and has a battery that would provide autonomy of up to two years, although this is a piece of information that will obviously depend on the use of each one. Although taking into account the performance of the latest products you can easily spend almost a year with a single battery using eight hours a day.

A great bet if you adapt

With a price of 49.99 euros, this ergonomic mouse from Logitech is an interesting bet if you think you can adapt to its use. Handling the cursor with that trackball is not very complex, and once you have been using it for some time, the precision that is achieved is usually identical or very close to what you could have with any other mouse or cursor control method.

However, you have to assess well to what extent you think you will or will not be able to adapt. But the truth is that at the cost of what it costs, it is not the same to take risks with this mouse as with the recently presented MX Ergo, a model that is already around one hundred euros and although it belongs to the popular MX series, it is not a great ideal to buy it if you do not have of course it’s for you.


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