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Log out of Facebook on multiple devices at the same time

Where am I logged into Facebook?

This is one of the most typical questions if you are the type of user who is concerned about their privacy. Or, in the opposite case, one of those people who is logging in on many computers and now does not remember well if he logged out of all of them.

Luckily, you can be calm in this regard since, from your own account, you can know which devices you are logged in to and some very valuable extra information.

The first thing you should do is log into your account and, from your profile, access the “settings and security” menu and then click on “Settings”. In the desktop version, these menus can be found in the icon of the down arrow in the upper right bar and, if you access it from a mobile phone, by clicking on the icon with the three lines in the lower bar of the screen. Once here, you will have to enter the option “Security and login”.

Here you can see the list of devices where your Facebook account is started. In addition, next to the type of equipment, you will be able to see information such as Location where you are, the time that has passed since last time you used the account wave app from where you have accessed.

If in this list you see only known devices such as your smartphone or your computer, you have nothing to fear. But, if you locate a computer from which you would swear not to have accessed, someone may have accessed your account without your consent. In this case, in addition to logging out of this and other computers from which you do not usually use your account, we recommend that you change the password and activate two-step verification from your profile. These are two essential security barriers to keep your internet safe.

Log out of Facebook on multiple devices at the same time

Now that you know all the devices where your profile is activated, it is time to log out of your account in all those that you do not know about this list.

If you only want to block access to a specific team, it is best to click on the icon with the three dots next to it and select the option “Get out”. Also, if you do not remember starting this app on that device and you have doubts as to whether it is a attempted profile theft, you can select the option “Isn’t that you?” so that Facebook indicates the steps to follow in this case.

However, if this list is huge, you can also log out of all those computers at the same time and then access only from those that interest you. To do this is quite simple since, right on this screen you will see a text in blue that indicates «Exit all sessions». When you press it, a window will be displayed that tells us to log out of all the places on this list, in addition to encouraging us to protect our account. If you click on exit, all those teams automatically they will need your password to access Facebook again. This is how easy you can log out of Facebook on multiple computers at the same time.


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