Loewe Bild 4.55: the complete review 2020

    Loewe Bild 4.55: the complete test

    Like some German car brands, the manufacturer Loewe claims premium positioning in the TV market. The Bild 7.55 that we reviewed last year was successful from this point of view. The problem is that Loewe is no longer alone in this market where design is king. Samsung offers beautiful QLEDs, LG magnificent OLEDs within its Signature range and Panasonic also strikes hard with its EZ1000 series.

    To occupy – once is not customary – a slightly less upscale segment with a more accessible product, Loewe launches the Bild 4.55, a 55-inch OLED TV sold “only” 3190 euros. A neat sum all the same for which Loewe intends to deliver a device true to its reputation: with a beautiful design and incorporating high quality electronics. Understand that it is not with Loewe products that one can find planned obsolescence. The German clearly indicates this in the technical sheets of its products: it ensures the availability of spare parts for its televisions for at least 6 years. Let us add that with this prestigious brand, the warranty is 3 years, parts and labor included, where the competition offers rather two years. This partly explains the high selling price.

    Bild 4.55: a sobriety that suits him well

    Aesthetically the Bild 4.55 does not call for any criticism. Like many high-end televisions, the bezels of the slab of this TV are very thin (barely 5 mm). A characteristic that still has its effect: once the screen is on, it’s just sublime.

    Before arriving at the image quality, note that the connectivity of this TV is complete, including in particular four HDMI ports (2.0a), Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi connection to access a (too) small handle online services. We will come back to it.

    The OLED still as pleasing to the eye

    All the benefits of OLED that we have already shared in our many reviews are present on this Loewe TV. And this is partly explained by the fact that this Bild 4.55 uses, like other brands of OLED TV (Sony, Philips, etc.), a panel manufactured by LG. And since it is a panel of the same generation as the LG OLED55C7V that we reviewed this summer, it is almost not surprising that we are seduced by the image quality.

    As always, the feeling of shine is provided by the excellent level of contrast of the slab. The blacks are perfect and the colors vibrant thanks to the good brightness. In this case we measured it at 392 cd / m² (light peak at 446 cd / m²). In maximum brightness (measured with a full white image), some LCD panels are twice as bright, but the wide spectrum of the graphic palette is such on this OLED panel, that ultimately, the viewer’s eye is all the more flattered .

    The image of the Bild 4.55 is therefore very pleasant, but, strangely enough, the calibration applied by Loewe within its Cinema mode is not optimal. Our probe indeed finds a Delta E 2000 of 16.1 (on average), which is a fairly poor result. This measurement points to a defect in color fidelity which should however be perceptible only by the most demanding users or by those who have had the opportunity to compare the images of the Bild 4.55 with those delivered by the LG OLED55C7V, which with an equivalent slab offers an image much more faithful.

    However, if you are one of the extremely sensitive experts, or if your requirements are simply not met by this very average calibration, you will have to go through the configuration menus. Good news, as we saw when reviewing the Bild 7.55, the configuration options are quite detailed.

    If the Bild 4.55 is doing generally well with an image in ultra high definition, note that its quality electronics can obtain a clean image when watching a program from DTT.

    Convinced by the audio quality …

    In addition to image quality, Loewe also worked on the audio copy. In this case, this Bild 4.55 incorporates a sound bar delivering a power of 80 watts. A pretty power which is verified with use. Obviously, a multi-voice audio system will be more efficient, but the device integrated here is already very effective.

    We like the notable presence of the bass which brings a little warmth to the sound, without stifling the clarity of the voices. Also remember that, among the subtleties of Loewe televisions, the presence of a built-in amplifier allows direct connection of additional speakers to the Bild 4.55 (speaker and subwoofer type Klang 1) to create a multi-channel audio system. In this configuration, the sound bar integrated into the TV will act as the central channel.

    … less through ergonomics

    At Loewe, as at Samsung (with Tizen OS), LG (with WebOS) or even Panasonic (with FireOS), we opt for an operating system other than Android TV. Except that unlike other manufacturers, the Loewe TV interface is not as neat, fluid and rich in applications. The portal of the German manufacturer integrates an application to watch YouTube in particular while Netflix finally makes its appearance (this was not the case when we reviewed the Bild 7).

    Note also that navigation under the Netflix application is not optimal. While on most televisions, you navigate in the interface by moving in the thumbnails of series or movies, here, you have to move a cursor on the screen.

    A mode of use a little painful therefore. As for the rest of the apps, not only are they quite few in number, but we think they’re also frankly lacking in interest.

    To conclude on ergonomics, if loyal customers of the brand will find their bearings, we believe that the ergonomics of the remote control remain frankly perfectible. The inscriptions are quite small and the layout of the keys is not always logical. But it’s definitely a matter of habit.

    Discounts to fight competition

    To try to align itself as well as possible with the competition, Loewe offers different offers. Until December 30, 2017, there is an immediate discount of 200 euros on the purchase of a Bild 4.55. In the same period, for 1 euro more with the purchase of a Bild 4.55, you will benefit from a Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Bluetooth headset (worth 149 euros) to watch your programs without disturbing your loved ones. Still until December 30, a Fransat satellite tuner (value 99 euros) is offered.

    Finally, during the Cyber ​​Weekend period, which includes Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you will receive an additional 100 euros discount in stores and websites participating in the offer.


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