LG’s 2018 Smart TVs run out of AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

LG's 2018 Smart TVs run out of AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

When LG announced that it would support Apple technologies, AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, many users applauded the manufacturer. In particular, because they would not only do it for the models recently launched in 2020 and the previous year, but also for those that went on sale in 2018. However, for the latter it seems that they have changed their mind and if you were waiting to be able to integrate it in the Apple Home application or send content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac, you’ll be left with the desire.

Neither AirPlay 2 nor HomeKit in the LG Smart TV of 2018

Currently, most Smart TV platforms and some others with some time in the market offer the possibility of accessing the most popular and demanded streaming services. Like, for example, Netflix, HBO, Disney +, etc. They even have access to other types of services and applications such as Spotify for music or podcasts.

However, there are two technologies that the vast majority of users still value very positively that they are included. The first is Google’s Chromecast and the second is Apple’s AirPlay. With both, it is very easy and fast to send content from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to the TV. No need for cables or any complex configuration.

Well, LG announced a few months ago that its Smart TVs would integrate support for AirPlay 2 and, incidentally, for HomeKit. This was great news, because Apple device users would be able to integrate their TV control into Casa’s plantation, making it much easier for them to share content. What’s more, thanks to the AirPlay 2 improvements, they would also gain other benefits.

The problem is that now, of the three generations of televisions (2020, 2019 and 2018) the last one falls. This seems to have been announced by the company’s Twitter profile in the United Kingdom. Now now mimes does not appear to have been eliminated, but it said that: LG Smart TVs prior to 2019 will not support AirPlay 2 or HomeKit.

The announcement, if it ends up being confirmed through the global account or support page at some point, is a jug of cold water for all the owners of one of these televisions. Especially for those who own models belonging to the highest series. Because surely due to the capacity of the hardware and software they could, another thing is that they were a little more fair, but it annoys iOS and macOS users not being able to take advantage of the possibilities that recent buyers of an LG Smart TV will have.

However, the positive part is that today, removing the HomeKit issue, there are so many interesting devices such as the Fire TV, Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, Nvidia Shield TV and even the Apple TV themselves that it is not so painful to stop receiving certain software updates. Although it is always annoying, because a television is not something that is changed every two or three years, its useful life is longer and manufacturers should think well about it. Even more so without they are high-end.


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