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Microsoft hasn’t forgotten to bring xCloud to the PC, but we’ll have to wait

xCloud beyond mobile You don't have to be too smart to understand that one of the shortcomings that xCloud currently has is the limitation of...

Windows 7 support ends and here are some options to update

Goodbye to Windows 7 support Microsoft announced a while ago that today January 14, 2020, Windows 7 support would end. After more than 10 years...

Google Assistant: Characters from Frozen Movie Will Tell Little Kids Stories

The Google Assistant virtual assistant is getting more and more complete, receiving new features almost every...

Google Play Store no longer shows notifications for apps that have been updated

A Google spokesman confirmed to the Android Police publication a new "feature" in the Play Store....

LG V30: Phablet Already Has Date Set

LG V30 Concept | Credit: Concept Creator
LG V30 Concept | Credit: Concept Creator

LG is preparing a new onslaught in the world of phablets. After the LG G6, which left good reviews but was slow to hit the market, it is the turn of the LG V30 to give it an air of grace.

LG has invested heavily in this range of this LG V10. The successor model with the name V20 only came out in select markets, avoiding Europe, however, it is expected that this LG V30 does not have the same problem.

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Little is known about the company's new phablet. It is possible that the South Korean company will invest in a top processor and specifications to match. The LG V30 is also believed to offer a screen with small edges just like the G6.

Today @EvLeaks, the known leakster mobile, posted a photo on his twitter that indicates the launch of the LG V30 for August 31 in Berlin.

LG V30 should bring more than just a big screen!

Therefore, it is expected that the terminal will be unveiled at the IFA, which is held every year in Germany. IFA has lost its charm in the mobile world, but it seems LG wants to bring the mystique to the show again.

Samsung and Huawei were two brands that also marked strong this fair. Samsung usually featured its Note line, which is due to be revealed earlier, and Huawei may also postpone its Mate 10 after Germany.

So far all these are rumors, so take the information with that pinch of salt. That's right, and until the news comes out officially anything can happen.

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