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LG Stylo 4: Here's a First Look at this Android Smartphone

LG Stylo 4 Android smartphone
So will be the LG Stylo 4, according to Android Headlines

Right now most of LG's attention is focused on its high-end smartphone. The LG G7 ThinQ will be unveiled on May 2, but more Android devices are being prepared. One of them will be the LG Stylo 4, your next entry range.

The Stylo range is not exactly popular in the domestic market. By the way, the notoriety of this brand in our market is decreasing. However, this range is much more popular in the US for its partnerships with national carriers.

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As for other markets, this line usually comes with the designation Stylus. It is a line of smartphones that, as the name implies, is more likely to use a pen or stylus. Something enhanced by the size of your screens.

For 2018, prepares a new Android smartphone. This, as I mentioned, will be the LG Stylo 4, from which we get the first glimpse through the publication. Android Headlines. A publication that has already provided us with other extremely relevant data regarding the South Korean company's portfolio.

However, what has been made public is the image you can see at the top of this article. We now know what the front of this LG Stylo 4 will look like. We see that it has a screen whose margins will be very small. This is due to its increasingly popular 18: 9 ratio within the technology community.

LG Stylo 4 will be the company's next entry-level Android smartphone

By the same image, we can see that the model in question will be intended for Cricket Wireless. It is a US operator, a subsidiary of AT&T. But that does not mean that this Android device will be unique to this carrier.

It is plausible that it will be evenly distributed by other carriers on American land. It may also be extended to other world markets, but this time under a different name.

Otherwise nothing has been advanced regarding this Android. Its specifications are not included in the news of the Android Headlines. However, it should be directed towards the entry range market.

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