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LG signs patent for laptop with a scrollable screen never seen before!

At a time when more and more people are talking about the arrival of the first smartphone with a scrollable screen, there are now the first signs that this new technology may be far from being left behind by the smartphone market.

After OPPO has unveiled and demonstrated a functional prototype of its first smartphone with a scrollable screen, here comes a new patent registered by LG, for a laptop with this same technology.

This may be news that does not come as a big surprise to many, since LG launched this year the first Smart TV in the world with a scrollable screen.

LG scrollable laptop computer

However, this implementation on a portable computer is much more advanced than you can imagine.

Laptop computer with a scrollable screen could be the much desired revolution

With its ups and downs, like any other market, the laptop segment continues to show some stagnation with regard to the evolution of the technologies used. Like everything else, when this happens, there is also a drop in sales volume.

For that not to happen, it is necessary to implement revolutionary technologies to “rekindle the flame” in users. In the world of portable computers, it seems that LG has the perfect “firelighter” to do just that.

LG patent portable scrollable screen

From what you can see in the patent drawings, this laptop will have a scrollable screen that can be used between the dimensions of 13.3 “inches and 17” inches. There are still many details to reveal and explain, but the little information we have available, makes us even more curious.

Apparently, the scrollable panel will be able to remain in a vertical position without the aid of an additional structure and, trackpad will arrive as an additional accessory to the keyboard.

As with all patents, it does not guarantee that this technology will actually be implemented in a new product intended for the public. Still, considering the path the smartphone market is taking, it is certainly a possibility.

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