LG puts another 'nail in the coffin' of their smartphones

LG puts another 'nail in the coffin' of their smartphones

According to Reuters, LG will discontinue its smartphone factories in its homeland of South Korea. It has been mentioned that LG may relocate its factories in Vietnam.

This is bad news for the once-relevant smartphone maker. The truth is that LG's popularity has been falling sharply, following releases that do not captivate the public.

lg g8

The company tried everything to stay above the surface except lower the price of its smartphones. Many agree that the only way for the company to return to relevance would be to lower the price of its equipment.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. The truth is that LG makes good equipment because its LG G8 ThinQ brings interesting features. Just not enough to avenge in an aggressive market.

Is it the beginning of the end for LG?

LG has not finished its smartphone manufacture as as mentioned the company will move production to Vietnam. Probably this decision was motivated to cut costs in equipment manufacturing.

The decision should not have been easy for the Korean brand as the "Made in Korea" tag has always been proudly present on their best phones. It was probably the only option LG had after exhausting so many others.

LG devices continue to be light years away from their rivals. Competing companies feature phones with better cameras, longer battery life, more attractive interfaces and aggressive marketing campaigns.

lg g8

In this sense, the space that LG has conquered in the smartphone market decreases with each passing year. Each new release and each retry represents another nail in the 'coffin' of your mobile division.

While I believe this is not exactly the end of the company as a mobile phone seller, it will surely make LG fall further into the dark.

The company's only hopes are its loyal Korean users and the fact that they are the third smartphone option in the United States. This in the US carriers and after Apple and Samsung, obviously.

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