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LG patents promise significant change in their smartphones

LG patents promise significant change in their smartphones

LG has not been partying in recent years. At least in the mobile sector. The manufacturer that was once a reference is slowly losing its name and influence.

But some still believe LG has a say. I am one of those people and everything I see that the brand tries to bring again I am happy. Today we have two patents that show us that the future of LG smartphones can be very different from today's mobile phones.

LG smartphones without button

Smartphones without buttons

Like Meizu and Vivo, LG is also working on buttonless smartphones. These patents show two different terminals and one without any physical buttons.

As you can see in the pictures, the camera terminal has the place of the physical button there, but the other one does not offer this possibility.

LG smartphone

We can also see that there is no location for the biometric sensor. So we can assume it will stay on screen. LG is one of the few brands that has not yet offered us this kind of technology in their smartphones.

LG prepares smartphone with 4 cameras

These patents also reveal that the brand is also working on a 4-sensor smartphone. So far LG has invested in 3 with the LG G8s ThinQ and V50. So we can also assume that the manufacturer has one more trick up its sleeve.

LG was among the first to offer wide-angle sensors, and this type is increasingly sought in the camera of a smartphone.

In short, I look forward to seeing LG back in the limelight. It is a brand that I like and that brings quality. It's just a pity you keep doing things so badly. When it comes to choosing the features of your smartphones (which is always a step behind) and the manufacture of your equipment (it always takes more than 3 months from presentation to arrival at stores).

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