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LG patent reveals folding smartphone with 3 screens

LG patent reveals folding smartphone with 3 screens

Samsung and Huawei are the giants that have unveiled their folding smartphone, yet we still don't see them on the market. Certainly because anticipation was the enemy of perfection. LG is also working on folding smartphones but with more weight and measure.

Today a new LG patent has been discovered, registered with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) confirming that the South Korean company is in fact working on a 3-screen folding device.

LG folding smartphone

Patents do not guarantee the product

Although patents do not guarantee that the product will officially come out, it does imply that the company has spent a long time developing designs for a possible product that they believe is viable. In fact, so viable that they registered the patent so that no other competitor steals their work.


In these drawings we see a smartphone with 3 screens that opens depending on the arrangement. When fully opened, we should have a gadget of considerable size. Unfortunately patents don't give us measurements, but given the proportions I'd bet on a 12 "screen when open.

The device also has a double rear camera and, as you can see, no indication for a front camera. This is because LG is also working on photographic sensors that can go inside their screens.

Samsung decided to put a notch in the corner of the Galaxy Fold and Huawei decided to make the main camera the selfie camera as well. Different ideas in a product line that is just beginning to take shape.

LG may well win the folding smartphone race

The mobile segment has changed a lot in recent years. LG was one of the manufacturers that was eventually lost in oblivion. However, LG is one of the best display brands in the market. Needless to say, the next generation of smartphones need the best screen possible.

Therefore, LG has everything to stand out again in the market. Let's just hope that the lack of good work on today's generation smartphones will be worth it for next generation devices.

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