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LG Introduces New LG Watch W7 with Google's WearOS System

LG Watch W7 WearOS Google 1
In addition to a new smartphone we also have the new watch.

In addition to its new high-end Android, the V40 ThinQ also has a new smart watch. Therefore, the device is called LG Watch W7, being equipped with Google's WearOS operating system without giving up the classic design and round display.

In this sense, one of the biggest assets of the new LG Watch W7 is exactly its round screen or dial. However, the terminal was only announced to the United States, which may mean distributing the product only in that market.

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However, it is nonetheless captivating to see a watch that deserves to be dubbed a hybrid. Therefore we have a mix between conventional mechanical clock, with physical hands and a mechanism – movement – of quartz.

Similarly we have two side buttons as well as the crown of the watch itself, plus the touch screen. In short, we have here a captivating mix between the classic and the modern, something that piqued our interest.

LG Watch W7 uses Google's WearOS platform

First of all, it's important to know how Google's WearOS system interacts with the mechanical component of the watch. In other words, how does the present and future combine with the classic past or present.

The technical details remain hidden but we know that its body is metallic, specifically stainless steel. Still, the brand revealed some of its features in a press release.

LG Watch W7 WearOS Google
This is the look of the latest watch from the South Korean manufacturer.

Therefore we have here a 1.2 inch screen, IPS Technology LCD with a resolution of 360×360 pixels. Secondly we have a 240mAh battery to power this terminal with Google's WearOS platform.

Already according to the brand itself the autonomy of the LG Watch W7 will be 3 days of use as a smart watch. However, this autonomy will be up to 100 days as conventional (mechanical) watch.

Google's WearOS operating system and a classic look

Moreover, in addition to always showing the right time the watch also has altimeter, barometer, stopwatch as well as a compass. However, we don't have features like GPS location or fitness features or LTE connectivity here.

Third is the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor as well as 768MB of RAM. We can also highlight the presence of 4GB of eMMC memory for storage.

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We can also highlight its IP68 resistance, making it water and dust resistant. Looking at your connectivity we have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as a Type C USB port for charging.

The LG Watch W7 weighs a total of 79.5 grams and measures 44.5 x 45.4 x 12.9mm. Already its sale price to the public will be around $ 450 in the United States of America. However, we do not know whether it will also reach the European market and consequently to UK.

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