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LG G8x ThinQ, analysis: do we really need a double screen?

LG G8x ThinQ, video analysis

LG G8x ThinQ, an idea not so necessary?

It’s funny: our last analysis of the year is dedicated to a telephone concept that has, in some part, something to do with what the technology of this 2019 has possibly been. I mean, of course, the folding screens, that type of panel that has created so much noise these past months and that LG has preferred to give a twist. It is not a new approach. The Korean firm has already experimented in the past with the double screen and now returns to bet on the same idea with its G8x ThinQ.

The terminal is presented as the “alternative” to the expensive phones that are folded, thus offering a smartphone capable of providing the user with multitasking and, after all, a different experience in daily use. And it is that not every day you have a case for your phone with an incredible OLED screen – which LG has baptized as Dual screen– in your hand. The panel size is perfect for watching movies, series or viewing photos and it looks, as you can imagine, incredibly well.

LG G8x ThinQ

What’s your problem? Than you probably use it less than you expected. And although the first few times it is great to write an email on one screen and type with the keyboard on the other, in the end the truth is that doing it vertically, as always, is much more comfortable. The same happens when you visualize a web page: that of sliding and seeing the two screens as if they were one is a pass… but ultimately, you have in the center a black strip that spoils that “infinite” experience (like the one you can have in a folding smartphone).

LG G8x ThinQ

That makes the Dual Screen end up becoming almost a protective case, one that sometimes even hinders. It is thick, heavy and when you use it, you need a special connector (a small adapter included in the box) to charge the phone. In addition, if you have it completely folded out, you will cover the rear camera, thus supposing an obstacle in the true use of the phone.

LG G8x ThinQ

I will not deny that there are very good moments in that of using the double screen. Opening a link “in the other window” while still looking at something else in the main one is very comfortable -Yeah, it can only be done with LG’s own browser- as well as open a photo while you continue looking for another one in the gallery. Also at the time of playing the accessory regains its meaning and rationale: in compatible games with hands you can use the secondary screen as a controller, with its buttons and its crosshead – until you can create your own command.

LG G8x ThinQ

But, really they compensate you These activities enough to bet on the double screen? That is undoubtedly the big issue here.

Since I mentioned the camera in passing, I will tell you a little more about it. The G8X counts only two rear sensors: a main one of 12 megapixels with an aperture f / 1.8 and another wide angle of 13 MP. With this couple LG poses its entire photographic set, which can be somewhat scarce and shocking considering that even the most basic phones already come with three or four cameras (and in many cases they do not fall below the 48 MP resolution ).

LG G8x ThinQ

For whatever reason, LG has preferred to entrust everything to this photographic couple of which I will at least say in their favor that the main sensor yields quite decent results so much day (the color treatment, for example I like it a lot) as at night, where without having an outstanding night mode, you also get a very acceptable result with the handling of the lights sometimes very good.

The wide angle also distorts the sides of the image quite a bit and although at night patches, Get better daytime scenarios than other cameras. As for the portrait mode, I think you will like it a lot – you can control the effect of depth – although at night the quality falls, and if you are worried about selfies, that you know that its 32 MP camera yields good results, nothing to highlight, especially good or bad.

LG G8x ThinQ - photo camera

Indoor day portrait mode

LG G8x ThinQ - photo camera

Wide-angle outdoor day

LG G8x ThinQ - photo camera

Indoor photo with artificial light

LG G8x ThinQ - photo camera

Outdoor day photo

LG G8x ThinQ - photo camera

Day selfie photo (front camera)

Outdoor night photo

LG G8x ThinQ - photo camera

Outdoor night photo

I do not usually talk about video recording unless there is something very remarkable and it turns out that in this LG G8x ThinQ there is. The phone incorporates the call ASMR mode -Yes, like those YouTube videos that are so fashionable-, that enhances the sound of the voice when recording and that you can get to like if you usually make videos in which you speak. In our video you can see an example with the mode on and off for you to compare.

LG G8x ThinQ

Otherwise, the phone is a very conventional high-end device. Its design is simple and very manageable in the hand, and at the level of «circuits», it has a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage and microSD slot. The performance is quite good – remember that the processor also gives a boost when the two screens are handled – and perhaps what most stains the experience is LG’s own interface customization, which I think could be better polished in certain aspects to be more attractive and intuitive.

This need is especially evident in the operating menus of the second screen, whose options are not always the simplest for the user at first sight, requiring a lake of experience to move freely.

LG G8x ThinQ

The phone has NFC, it has 3.5mm port -which does not cover when using the Dual Screen casing, quiet- and is charged by USB connector. As for autonomy, I liked it but not surprisingly: the G8x endures practically two full days, a fantastic brand but it has been the one that reaches more and more phones in the market.

LG G8x ThinQ

The screen is the same as that of the Dual Screen, a 6.4-inch OLED, in which you will enjoy a lot of multimedia content, among other things also because of the great sound commitment LG makes here. You already know that the brand is known for offering a fairly careful audio on their phones and here it would not be an exception: the smartphone enjoys stereo sound with DTS: X 3D 7.1 channels.

Last but not least, is the presence of integrated fingerprint reader onscreen. Obviously, its mention is not due to the fact of being included – by now we have seen it enough – but because of how bad it works. Yes, evil. The reader is quite inaccurate on many occasions and somewhat slow. A real shame because it is the detail that I like least about this smartphone and spoils the experience quite a bit (especially since it also has no facial recognition, so either you resign or failing to bet on the traditional pattern of numbers to unlock).

LG G8x ThinQ

In general, I think the LG G8x ThinQ is a good phone (except for its fingerprint sensor, of course) which, however, does not stand out at all if it were not for its case Dual view and it doesn’t even offer overwhelming utility, which leads me, of course, to consider its price, of 899 euros. This figure does not seem abusive considering that we have before us two OLED screens, a next-generation processor or a pretty good sound, however, it seems to me an impediment to to compete in a market as complicated as this.

Should you buy this G8x? Only if you really give importance to having two screens because you use multitasking a lot or play a lot with your mobile (and you see an advantage on the remote), would you recommend this phone. If this is not the case … this may not be your smartphone.

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