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LG G6 may come with a brilliant design


There is already talk of the LG G6. And according to David Ruddock sources, Managing Editor of Android Police, LG is preparing a turnaround in the design of your next flagship.

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The painted metal finish of the LG G5 wasn't exactly a hit, so it's no surprise that LG is mending the disastrous look of the LG G5 and doing something very different so as to capture more interest from the public. .

Although it is still not exactly enlightening what is coming, Ruddock has published a tweet which, according to their sources, reported that the design of the LG G6 would be all glass. Something, therefore, similar to Samsung. Although Samsung still uses a metal frame on its flagships.

However, Ruddock hastened to correct his publication indicating that it will not be an all-glass body after all, but rather a highly reflective metal material on the back of the equipment, which may possibly shine to the eye. smartphone.

But the contradictions continue
 It should also be noted that David Ruddock categorically states that the LG G6 will come without a removable battery, which goes against a previous rumor that allegedly the next flagship from the South Korean company would come with a removable battery.

In addition to all this Ruddock advances that the next LG G6 will have the input of jack 3.5 mm, which goes against the trend of Apple, Motorola (Lenovo) and perhaps Samsung. As for modular ideology, nothing has been said.

Goodbye LG Friends
LG G5: the brand's first modular smartphone

This kind of contradiction is not normal. Usually the rumors tend to be confirmed. However, in the face of this kind of information and counter-information we are only further in doubt as to what the next flagship from LG. Stay tuned, as this subject promises.

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