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Lenovo's ZUK Z5 will break hearts in the '' world '' Android

Lenovo Z5 Zuk Z5 Android
The next Android smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer could effectively revolutionize the mobile market.

After we reported here on EBox the resurrection of the brand ZUK In the Android market, we now have confirmation that the brand will be back in strength. Although with some nuances that we will make known next, the next ZUK Z5 or Lenovo Z5 smartphone will be amazing!

Although we are not adept at sensationalism, sometimes there are products, themes and subjects that leave us completely surprised. First, because no one guessed the return of ZUK. Secondly because we did not think it was possible to create a smartphone with these features.

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We are not talking here about mere technical specifications (although they are also extremely important). We refer here to the shape and design of the brand's next smartphone, the ZUK Z5 or Lenovo Z5.

I also recall that at this time the Chinese Lenovo owns not only ZUK but also Motorola. Moreover, in recent months we have seen several reforms within Chinese technology, with the brand giving priority to Motorola.

ZUK Z5 / Lenovo Z5 may change the Android market

However, as the publication GizmoChina Lenovo is preparing a ZUK Z5 whose screen will occupy over 95% of the entire front area. These are ridiculous numbers so good that they appear to be! It would be fantastic, revolutionary indeed and give a whole new meaning and merit to the expression "ZUKÃO", rooted in the world's sub-culture. mobile. The best of everything? There are good reasons to believe in its existence. It sounds too good to be true and here we are speechless …

Lenovo Z5 ZUK Z5 Android
It looks too good. Too good to be true. Surreal … was shared by the company's CEO.

The above image was shared by Mr. Chang Cheng, the group vice president Lenovo. The image itself was shared on the Chinese social network, Weibo. Moreover, it took the opportunity to make clear some nuances of the business.

Lenovo formally incorporates ZUK

Indeed, we learn that the "new" ZUK will be formally incorporated into Lenovo's corporate structure. In other words, the supposed ZUK Z5 will be, in fact, a Lenovo Z5. Lost the "Z" but falls the "UK" to which the powerful "Lenovo" juxtaposes.Lenovo ZUK Android Oreo

In short, despite being back in the Android market, ZUK will not launch smartphones with its name. Instead it will use the name of its "owner" or "parent company", Lenovo.

This way, your next Android smartphone will be the Lenovo Z5, being developed to present a huge and fabulous screen. This should occupy more than 95% of the entire front panel area. Something that will give us the best screen to body ratio ever seen on the Android market.

95% of the front panel area will be screen

It is simply amazing and another word cannot be used to describe the product here. Note that this is already the second teaser which gives us minimal margins and a screen … maximum!

It is irrelevant whether the name "ZUK" is buried or not. Silly to entertain the "Army of the copy paste"because the whole structure of ZUK will last. It will be guided by Lenovo, enjoying all its support and technical structure.

Finally, a notch and full screen Android smartphone!

The end result will be a Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5) that will stun every consumer and technology enthusiast. It will be a milestone for the entire Android market, signaling the beginning of the post-notch era which started in September 2017 with iPhone X.

With the confirmation of the existence of this product by the company executive, we now await new information about the terminal. It will be a real stumbling block for companies like Xiaomi.

Perfectly comparable (in concept) to the Xiaomi Mi MIX, Mi MIX 2 and Mi MIX 2S, it will surpass all three of these Android devices. By the way, it will be a real lesson and indication of what the Android market will look like from 2019.

Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5) will revolutionize the Android market

We will have a virtually borderless screen here, with some bezels minimums, present only to limit the Android smartphone. Moreover, according to the recently shared image, at the bottom we will still have the Type C USB port.

We can also check the presence of the bands for the antennas on their side. Something that lets us foresee a metal construction for this Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5). Its upper and lower frame (edge) are extremely small. Once again, surreal!

The news does not stop here. As the international press advances, with the Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5) the company has achieved four advances in technology. Even more, patented 18 new technologies to create this Android smartphone.

18 patented technologies for new Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5)

The vice president of the Lenovo group had for some time been hinting at the preparation of something big. Here suggesting the inclusion of a big screen in their new flagship product but once again, nothing prepared us for such a "revolution".

The Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5) should incorporate a hidden front camera into the metal frame of the smartphone. Something we have already seen on this smartphone from Vivo, your Apex. Needless to say, the fingerprint reader / biometric reader will already be built into the screen.

We are now waiting for more information about this Android smartphone.

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