Lenovo may be first to launch a folding smartphone

Lenovo may be first to launch a folding smartphone
Lenovo smartphone
Could Lenovo win this race sooner than many would expect?

The rush to launch a folding smartphone seems to be one of the most appealing these days. Right now we have rumors of several companies that will be working on something like this, Lenovo being one of them.

In fact, when we talk about folding smartphone the first thing that comes to mind is Samsung. In fact, the South Korean company has been the most talked about in this field over the last few months, with the possible introduction of the Galaxy F as early as 2019.

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However, other companies like Huawei, Motorola or Lenovo may also be in the race. The last one was the only one to date that showed us prototypes of this kind of devices that could become the next trend of the technology market.

It was in June 2016 that Lenovo introduced its prototypes to the world. At the time was unveiled a tablet and a watch whose screen folded completely without hinges on display. By the way, in the image on the top you can see precisely the tablet that the Chinese company presented at the time.

The launch of Lenovo's folding smartphone is coming soon?

However, little has been said since then about this type of Lenovo equipment. There were some relatively improved models, but nothing that met the requirements to reach the market.

But this scenario may change soon and perhaps sooner than imagined. When questioned by fans on the Chinese social network Weibo, Lenovo advised them to be aware of the news.

The Chinese company promises news about its folding smartphone early next month. The truth is that this kind of statement is open to different kinds of interpretation.

At no point does she unequivocally mention that the long-awaited folding smartphone can be presented within weeks. Incidentally, this seems unlikely due to the lack of information leaks concerning the subject. Or, on the other hand, Lenovo has managed to maintain a level of secrecy around the unseen subject lately.

Therefore, the most plausible thing is that the technology simply reveals to the world new details about its folding smartphone. However, we can always keep the flame of hope lit and perhaps we will not see this device unveiled very soon.

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