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Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, analysis: something more than power?

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, video analysis

An aggressive design with RGB accents

One of the most differential aspects of any gaming phone it has always been its design. In general, any product with the surname gaming uses this type of colorful aesthetics and with straighter and more aggressive lines than other proposals on the market. And yes, it is something completely valid, but it still does not match the tastes of all users.

In this Lenovo proposal there is no exception and the manufacturer achieves exactly that, that you have to look at it yes or yes. Because with some very particular design linesWhat is most striking right out of the box is its back, where beyond the touches of red color, the use of lights is also not lacking.

In addition, you can see two areas with a small texture that serves to improve grip when we are using it to play. And that they also serve to advance something that will become very clear to us later, this is a device to use mainly horizontally.

Generously sized, like its weight of 239 grams, the highlights of this Lenovo Legion Phone Duel on a physical level are the following:

  • Rear with these two areas with a slight texture that helps improve grip when playing, although the ideal is to place the cover with which you also gain some extra protection
  • The position of the main cameras is lower than usual, something that does not convince later because we will cover them 90% of the times we are going to use the camera in addition to leaving traces that will affect the quality of the capture
  • It includes two USB C connectors. This is interesting to take advantage of the 90W fast charging system or use a wired headset while charging (via USB C to 3.5mm jack adapter)
  • The front camera is not on the top but on the side, again with the idea of ​​allowing actions such as streaming while you play

Surely just reading this you already understand why I say that this is a phone designed to use horizontally. Because the main elements are placed so that they can be used like that, like the personalization layer itself, which I will talk about more calmly later.

In short, on an aesthetic level, I don’t need to tell you much more so that you can draw your own conclusions. The product is very well manufactured and regardless of whether you like it or not, the truth is that the only thing I can blame is that it does not seem very discreet and elegant to use as a daily phone. But that’s my opinion, the same fits you and what you are looking for is what it really aspires to, to be one of the best options for those who play a lot on Android. But let’s keep moving forward with key aspects of your hardware.

A screen that surprises with its 144 Hz

A matter of a couple of years ago, gaming phones differed from the rest of the proposal, even the high-end, by having screens capable of reaching refresh rates much higher than usual. That is already changing and phones of all kinds of prices are already betting on panels that exceed 60 Hz of refreshment. Still, this Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is going to be the best of the best.

The screen of the Lenovo gaming terminal offers a panel 6.65-inch AMOLED diagonal with FHD + resolution and a refresh rate up to 144 Hz. This is where part of the great appeal of the device lies and one of its values ​​for you to decide for it.

This refreshment is practically identical to what the most demanding PC gamers look for, so you can already imagine that the experience in titles that offer support is simply outstanding. In addition, in sections such as brightness, color representation, contrast and saturation it is also at a great level. It is probably not the best screen in each of these aspects, but it is one that will not disappoint you on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, as I said before, compared to the current high-end that refresh rate is not that differential either. Because there are other devices that do not have that gaming focus and are also capable of reaching 90 Hz easily and even 120 or 144 Hz.

Regarding the possible impact that a screen of this type can have on the battery, calm down. In the system settings you can set that only in compatible games force the maximum refreshment possible. Thus, for the use of applications and the operating system itself, you can choose not to go above 90 Hz, which already offers a very fluid experience.

Finally, what is very appreciated is that display offers 240Hz sampling And that really shows when playing because the touches are more precise.

Raw power and a “violence” mode so that nothing can resist you

And how does the device behave at the potential level? Because to move graphics to at least 144 Hz you will need good graphics performance. Well, the experience can be practically summed up with one word: pride.

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel integrates the best of the best in terms of hardware and that results in practically no type of application or game being resisted. What’s more, when playing games you can activate a “Violence” mode which maxes out both the CPU and GPU. In this way you simply run the title you want to enjoy to the fullest and fly.

Without a doubt, if you are a demanding user who does not want to suffer lag or anything similar while playing I can think of few better options. Because your Snapdragon 865+ is capable of giving a lot in all kinds of situations. It is also very well accompanied by two configurations of 12 or 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 156 or 512 GB UFS 3.1 storage units that are super fast and that is noticeable when it comes to reducing installation times, loading, data access , etc.

A capable battery, fast to charge and without temperature problems

One of the peculiarities of this Lenovo gaming phone is found in its battery, or rather batteries. The manufacturer has decided to use not only a double USB C connector, but also a battery consisting of two 2,500 mAh each. Thanks to this, it achieves various benefits that in a proposal of this type are even more important:

  • The autonomy with those 5,000 mAh total offers a day and a half of use quietly with normal use. As well as a good number of hours when you play
  • In case you need an extra charge, you can connect the two USB C cables that it incorporates and with its charger take advantage of a 90W fast charge that achieves practically 50% of the charge in just over 10 minutes
  • Having the battery divided in two prevents overheating issues while charging, so you can charge and play at the same time without hassle

Without a doubt, the charging system is something that draws a lot of attention in this Legion Phone Duel. The solution of using two batteries by Lenovo is intelligent, because other terminals with a gaming focus or not, but capable of power, do suffer and if you are using it while charging quickly, you notice how its back heats up a bit more than necessary. A feeling that is not dangerous, but something annoying.

A powerful sound, but not up to expectations

Regarding sound, an important part of both the multimedia and video game experience, I’ll just tell you that I expected something more. It is powerful, I do not doubt that, besides its dual front speaker allows you to enjoy stereo sound. But I still expected something more.

In the reproduction of certain frequencies it is as if it lacks a bit of clarity. Surely this is not a problem for most users because when playing they will use wireless or wired headphones through the USB C adapter that it incorporates. But as a gaming phone I did expect a little more quality in this section. Still, it’s not like I’m going to let you down.

Software, the key to a good horizontal experience

From the beginning I have told you that this is a terminal designed to be used vertically. Mainly because most games are enjoyed like this, but also because of details such as the grip, the ultrasonic triggers that the terminal integrates and also because of its software.

Lenovo’s customization layer not only offers applications like that launcher from which you can access different options, but also the use of the system has been optimized to be equally comfortable both horizontally and vertically.

It is true that for certain uses the traditional use will always be better, because this way you avoid recurring actions on a smartphone such as vertical scrolling, but in general it is nice not to have to constantly turn the terminal as you exit a game and want to answer a message , see a website or check email.

Regarding those software options designed for gaming, Lenovo has introduced not only the violence mode that makes the most of the hardware, but also other features that can be very interesting:

  • The first is the possibility of record screen while playing. You can record up to the last 15 minutes to make sure you have the necessary material with which to later create a video where you can share your most outstanding plays
  • You also have option to do sgtreaming from the device and appear thanks to the fact that the front camera (shrink type) is placed on one side
  • And then there is the use of a ultrasonic triggers which in certain games offers a considerable advantage. Also, the good thing about these is that they do not depend on the support that of the developer. Lenovo software allows you to locate on the screen the area on which they will act when you press them. So you can use them for any virtual button that appears on the screen, whatever game it is

Without a doubt, leaving aside the very gaming aesthetics of the layer, this is another of the values ​​of this device in order to convince the most gamers users.

Don’t ask too much of their cameras

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is not a photographic terminal. That is something that was clear to me as soon as I started to try it. And I’m not saying that they are not solvent cameras, but it is clear that here the manufacturer has not sought to stand out in this regard.

However, what has frustrated me the most is that the position of the cameras, both front and rear, have been uncomfortable. The back covered it 90% of the times I was going to use it and the front … well, it wasn’t that I was very convinced. And that I am left-handed and did not need to change the phone to use it.

Anyway, here are some examples of photos taken with this Lenovo terminal. On quality issues, like most mid-range devices. They are correct photos, but nothing to write home about.

A phone for what it is, to play

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is a striking, interesting device and above all with a lot of power for what has been designed: the game on Android. Even so, after having been using it for several days my opinion is the same with which you began your analysis.

This is a device that draws a lot of attention and that is always interesting to use, but if we take into account what it costs (899 euros) the truth is that loses interest to high-end models. So you have to be very clear about your priorities, because the investment may not compensate you unless for some specific reason or professionally you dedicate yourself to squeeze everything related to the game on Android devices.

For everything else, if you are looking for photographic quality and a somewhat more sober and elegant design, I am afraid to tell you that this would not be the option that I would recommend.


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