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LEGO Microgame lets you create your own Lego set and it’s cool

LEGO Microgame, create your ideal Lego game

Create your own video games it may have always been your big dream. The problem is that you have to be realistic and it is not as easy as it seems, at least if you want to do certain things. However, we have to tell you that there are more and more tools that help a lot in every creative process.

LEGO Microgame is one of these proposals, a collaboration that was born from the joint work between Lego Games and Unity. But what exactly is it, we see it.

The LEGO Microgame base is very easy to understand. Basically it is to take advantage of all the advantages of the Unity game engine to create your own games in a very visual way. There is no need to mince any code here, so the initial friction is noticeably reduced. In addition, it gives the possibility of experimenting and getting started to all those people without knowledge.

Logically then you can increase the difficulty and complexity of your creations using the additional tools that are also made available to you, such as, for example, the elements that are shared in BrickLink Studio or the different Mods available in Unity and help introduce new controls, object physics, and even design even game menus.

Without a doubt, a very attractive proposal in every way. And the best thing is that you can share your creations with other users. What’s more, by doing so you will be able to access new functionalities that will allow you to improve future creations.

If at some point you thought it would be cool to create your own Lego set, now you have no excuse not to. Who knows if in some time you will be the one behind future Lego Games launches thanks to everything you learn with LEGO Microgame.

How to start creating your first Lego set

Now that you know the tool, which is free, if you want to start creating your first Lego game, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. First, download LEGO Microgame from the Unity download page
  2. With Unity 2019.4 LTS version, run the installer
  3. Once the process is complete you will be asked to create a Unity account, do so
  4. With the account created and logged in, select the Microgame that interests you. In this case Lego Microgame
  5. Once you start you will see a first tutorial that will help you familiarize yourself with the environment and its tools

Ready, as you can see, the environment that Unity provides is quite visual and by exclusively using the keyboard and mouse you will be able to shape a first project that serves as an example and later on anything else you can think of.

When you finish, you can share that project with other users so that they can simply enjoy it or give you some feedback in order to improve it.


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