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Legislative Elections 2019: Know Your Voting Place Simply

Legislative Elections 2019: Know Your Voting Place Simply

The legislative elections will be held this Sunday, October 6th. One of the questions for some voters, especially new voters, is where they will have to vote.

That is why the Census Commission provides two very simple ways of knowing where you have to vote next Sunday. One of them online, and another of them using a simple SMS.

1. Accessing the census.mai.gov.pt

Through this site you can know the exact place where you will vote. To do this you just have to go to the link above, enter your citizen card number or ID card, and the date of birth.

Just enter your civil ID and date of birth to know where to vote

After you do so, you will have access to the polling station, your address, and the polling station to which you belong.

2. Sending a free SMS to 3838

Using your mobile phone, you will type RE (space) BI or CC # (space) Date of Birth on YYYYMMDD. Once you do, just send the SMS to 3838, and you will receive the information for free.

sms vote
Example of data you should send in SMS to 3838

On Election Day, you only need to present to the Voting Chair your ID (ID card or citizen card). If you are still in doubt among who you are voting for, you can find out more about the various party proposals on the site below.

Vote informed with the help of this site

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