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Latest T8-AML-V2 Firmware Download



This is where you can get Latest T8-AML-V2 Firmware Downloadic_launcher

This will be the last time you will have to use an SD card when you update your firmware. We have now finished our OTA (over the air) update app, this will be installed when you run this firmware update. After you have finished flashing this latest update you will see our New Ebox-Update app, This is what you will use to update your T8 Firmware from now on, when you open the app it will inform you if there is a new Update available.

Categories: Firmware, Tools, Recovery

The Ebox OTA update app is so easy to use.

  1. OPEN OTA Updater
  2. If there is an update available click download Update.
  3. You will then see two tick boxes wipe cache and clear data tick both boxes then click Next.
  4. The app will close down when it’s finished downloading.
  5. Open the app again and follow the same steps again this time it will reboot and update your device ( you will not have to wait for the download again)

This is where you can get Latest T8-AML-V2 Firmware Download

If you have a T8-AML-V2 TV box you can flash your device with our latest T8-AML-V2 firmware. (All fully rooted)

For an easy way to put your device into recovery mode download THIS APP and install it, this will allow you to reboot your device into recovery mode.

Click here to download the latest software update for your T8-AML-V2 TV Box

T8-AML-V2 Latest Firmware Last updated 10/06/2017

View all Android TV box firmware’s available


UPDATE: We have finally managed to resolve the issue of the T8 not booting into recovery after the OTA has finished downloading the latest update. There is an easy fix all you need to do is manually update your Firmware with the link above,(you will need an SD card) the next OTA update we release will work without any issues.

Latest T8-AML-V2 Firmware Download  How to Upgrade.

  1. Click the link above and download the T8-V2 FIRM.zip file.
  2. unpack the 5 files onto an SD card.
  3. Do not unpack the.ZIP file located with the other 5 files
  4. Put the 5 files onto an SD card and put into the side of the T8
  5. Turn off the power with the power button on the front of the T8 make sure it is off.
  6. On the right-hand side of the device is the reset button.
  7. Using a toothpick hold this button in. You know you have pressed it if you feel the click.
  8. Now press the power button on the front of the device while holding in the button.
  9. While holding the reset button down, wait until you see the logo and you can then release the reset button.
  10. The recovery menu should now be shown and the device should update.


The EntertainmentBox Firmware Downloads utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your product if applied incorrectly. Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Customer Service for guidance.We will not and can not be held responsible for incorrect use.

Latest Smart TV boxes sold by Entertainment Box all with a 1-year warranty and OTA (over the air) updates so no more searching for that firmware for your device.

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