Latest R99 V2 Firmware (Rooted) 2019 – How to Upgrade

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Latest R99 V2 Firmware (Rooted) 2019 – How to Upgrade

Latest update R99 V2 TV box Firmware, 2019 Rooted Firmware.

Entertainment Box Latest R99 V2 Firmware Download. Updated on the 09/01/2019 with our version of Kodi 17.6. This is the firmware for the R99 V2 box running Android 7.1. If you would like to upgrade the R99 V2 to our latest firmware you will need A Windows PC, A USB to USB cable, the latest Firmware and the FactoryTool. We will supply all the downloads you will need including the tool. 

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The following procedure will allow you to install our r99 V2 Rooted Firmware. Follow these simple steps. 

In this guide, we will show you how to upgrade the R99 V2 TV box to our rooted 2019 firmware. 

If you want to upgrade your R99 you will need a USB to USB  that you use to connect the R99 V2 to a PC.

Download Firmware and tools


Upgrade Steps

  1. Download the tools and firmware from above.
  2. Open the and extract the firmware, driver assistant, and FWFactory tool to the desktop or a place you can find them. 
  3. Open the DriverAssitant_v4.4 folder and click the DriverInstall.exe
  4. Click install drivers, click yes to any requests needed to install the correct drivers
  5. Once drivers are installed close the program and open the FWFactory tool folder 
  6. Click The FactoryTool.exe to start the program
  7. Click the round world icon on the top row then select the second option to change the language to English
  8. Now click the firmware tab in the top left-hand corner and locate the Firmware you downloaded from above
  9. Once the firmware has finished loading into the tool Click Run to start the program 
  10. On the back of the R99 V2 in the AV hole is a small reset pinhole, you need something that can fit inside AV port to reach the R99 v2 reset button. 
  11. Now hold the reset button in and connect the USB cable and then the power cable (holding the reset button in all the time)
  12. The Factory tool will now start to flash the R99 V2 with the firmware you selected. Once it compleats the upgrade it will run for a second time to check the firmware upgrade was successful.
  13. Complete! you have now successfully upgraded the R99 V2 TV box will be running our latest rooted firmware.  

Then click “Install Driver”, and depending on your version of Windows the Security below may show up twice during installation. Just click “Install”

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  1. Stuart February 1, 2019 at 10:16 am - Reply

    Thought I’d upgrade the firmware on my r99v2 and followed this guide. All went really smoothly until i started the box up… the only launcher I have is Nova. Now my screen looks like a giant mobile phone not an Android TV box.
    Then i notice in my list of installed apps a setup wizard, so i run it. This goes through some steps including one screen that looks like it’s giving me the proper launcher, but when complete and after a reboot i still have Nova and no alternative. Any help?

    Not particularly happy

    • Vik February 2, 2019 at 4:21 pm - Reply

      If you do not wish to stick with pre installed launcher. So its not limtied to use as you may download other launcher of your choice from Google play store and change it the way launcher you download as its fully customisable.


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