Latest EBox R99 TV Box Firmware Rooted And Unrooted

This firmware is for EBox R99 TV Box with Rockchip RK3399 as CPU.

This is our custom firmware for the R99 TV box. We have 2 versions available one that has root access and one that has not got root access. If you want to know more on rooted devices please see this post on how to root a TV box on Android.  I would recommend that you use the rooted firmware as its the latest firmware available with new features including, Kodi 17.5.1 based on EBMC, OTA (over the air updates).

We have a newly updated guide showing you how to update the EBox R99 click this Link and learn how to use the FactoryTool to easily upgrade or downgrade the R99

If you want to update your R99 you will need a USB type C cable that you use to connect the R99 to a PC. You cannot update this TV box with a USB to USB cable.

We have 3 different firmware’s for our Ebox R99 all work very well and are stable.  If you want a rooted firmware then use the rooted 6.1 version. If you don’t need root access the latest Android 7.1.2 firmware is a good choice. As of 08/02/2018, we will be shipping all our R99 TV boxes on our latest 7.1.2 firmware. If you are running an older version you can download and install the latest version by following the guide in this post. 

How to update a Rockchip TV box with the Rockchip Batch Tool (RKBatchTool)

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How to update the R99 TV box

Step 1, Install Rockchip drivers

There’s no need to connect your Rockchip device during this procedure just download and extract in the link above.  Then double-click on DriverInstall.exe in the RKDriverAssistant directory to start the utility. If you’ve previously tried to install the Rockchip USB drivers for any Rockchip devices make sure you click “Uninstall Driver” first.

Then click “Install Driver”, and depending on your version of Windows the Security below may show up twice during installation. Just click “Install”

When the drivers have finished installing then shut down tool and connect your TV box to your computer. put your  R99 into recovery your computer will detect your device and you will see it within device manager.

Now the driver should have been installed successfully!

Step 2, Flashing Firmware Image Files Using The Rockchip Batch Tool

Run the RKBatchTool program you downloaded above, and use the firmware path selector to find your firmware image.

On the back of the R99 is a little reset pinhole. Hold in this reset button with a small pin or something similar and connect the R99 to the PC with the Type C to USB cable. The R99 will now be seen by the Rockchip Batch Tool. Now click Upgrade and the device will begin to update to our latest firmware.

Step 3, Finishing up

Once you have done this the software will send the firmware to your tablet and the flashing process will begin, you will see firmware loading on the RockchipBatchTool screen, just leave it to do its work and be patient and be careful not to knock or touch anything while it is flashing. Once the process has completed your tablet will disconnect from the program and the green box will not be highlighted. As a result, the tablet will begin to flash and reboot with your new firmware on it! If you used our rooted firmware you will have OTA updates that will ensure any further updates will be done over the air.