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Largest battery phone ever fails in crowdfunding

Energizer, together with Avenir Telecom, placed a mobile phone on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to raise funds to launch the mobile phone. Unfortunately for Energizer, only $ 15,000 was raised, a target of $ 2 million.

Titled Energizer P18K, the phone has a massive 18,000 mAh battery. In perspective, a typical smartphone battery has between 3,000-4,000 mAh. Energizer pointed to an autonomy of 7 days approximately.


This would not be Energizer's first smartphone even though it was the first of its size. Other models have conventional designs but no surprising specifications.

In fact, only 11 people decided to support the project financially. With about $ 15,000 raised, this represents a ridiculous 1% of funding.

P18K's failure should come as no surprise to anyone

Firstly, putting the future of such an unusual mobile phone in the hands of public funding is a bad idea. With a product of this aspect, it is obvious that no one would bet.

Even if we don't focus on the look of the smartphone, the remaining features are not surprising. It would be expected that a body of this size could include more powerful and attractive components for the consumer.

We had a 6.2 inch screen, a 6GB / 128GB configuration powered by the MediaTek Helio P70 processor. The most attractive factor of the smartphone besides the battery was its pop-up camera.

All this in a gigantic body without any practicality or ergonomics. It would be impossible to carry this phone in your pocket. The user would have to resort to a suitcase or backpack which contradicts the purpose of a mobile phone: easy portability.

I do not understand how such a smartphone was ever made. Not even in the parallel universes of Rick and Morty does it make sense to have such an apparatus. In addition, 18,000 mAh of battery in such a large body is not that impressive.

Oukitel has a more ergonomic alternative

Brands like Oukitel have already launched equipment with high autonomy and formats that are nothing like the P18K ridiculous. The K10 model is a prime example.

Although robust in structure, it is a mobile phone with an 11,000 mAh battery, where more moderate users should be able to easily get 2 to 3 days of use. This Oukitel K10 can be purchased for just over 200 euros today.

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