An iPhone to record a video clip

We told you the other day that Apple does not want the villainous characters in the movies to use their phones, since in the end their brand concept is associated with something negative. Well, the opposite effect to this could be what Lady Gaga has done now with her new video clip. The singer, who can be associated with something positive (for the countless number of fans she has and for her halo super star), has used precisely one of the terminals of the manzanera house to record his last video clip, «Stupid Love», demonstrating with it how the technology of the smartphones is completely revolutionizing everything that surrounds us.

It is not the first time a terminal is used for such a feat. On several occasions we have already heard how some of the equipment with the most powerful cameras from the market (such as Samsung, Huawei terminals, etc.) for recordings that are usually made by specialized teams. However, it is still striking to know about these initiatives in which a phone ends up completely replacing a professional camera.

Lady Gaga

At the end of last year, the singer Selena Gomez He also released a video clip that claimed to be fully recorded with an iPhone 11, although on that occasion the plane was much simpler: static, close and black and white. In Lady Gaga’s there is much more movement – you can see it a few lines below – people and color, so it is certainly much more attractive to the eye and apparently complete to capture with a phone.

Not free from failures, of course: in some moments the image sins of a somewhat awkward saturation – product, probably, of a later edition, and perhaps intentionally searched – and the Dynamic range In some scenes it could be better. Still, to say that it has been recorded completely with a phone is amazing (and very good publicity for Apple, which previous days had already been promoting the video on its own YouTube channel).

The Pro, the best option?

Remember that The Output already takes care of giving you our opinion on the iPhone 11 Pro and also telling you our impressions after the analysis of the iPhone 11. Although we consider that the Pro model is a great phone with superior camera options, as a whole, given the high price of the equipment, we opted for the iPhone 11 as the ideal terminal for the vast majority (Always when you want an Apple phone, of course).

As we warned you here, the iPhone enjoyed a few days ago of a very aggressive reduction below 1,000 euros (already completed) that did make it an interesting option to consider, considering that it is a phone with OLED Super Retina XDR display, Aion Bionic chip, wireless charging and fast charging, good design and one of the most interesting photographic systems (with triple 12 MP camera with wide angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto lens and where its famous Night mode, Portrait mode and video recording stabilization (which captures in 4K at 60 fps) stand out.

With its current price (which starts from 1,259 euros), it is positioned in a high-end segment that is unattainable for many and that possibly few will compensate (only without giving importance to certain very specific aspects of the Pro), especially considering the other options available, inside and, of course, outside Apple.