Krita is an extremely popular open source design software. The program offers professional digital design tools as well as support for graphics tablets. Krita is now available for Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Chrome OS (Chromebooks).

Try the Beta version of Krita on the Google Play Store

The Android version has been in development for some time. It is important to note that this version is in early access and may have errors, in addition to incompatibilities with certain devices.

Krita interface on the computer

According to users’ opinions, an excellent job was done in transporting Krita from the computer to the Android operating system. The interface remains very similar and the menus have been adapted to be more compatible with touch screens or pens.

For Android tablets with a keyboard like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Krita supports the same keyboard shortcuts that exist in the Windows or Mac OS desktop versions.

Krita is a very popular digital design software

Krita was originally created as a competitor to GIMP, an open source image editing software. Many call GIMP “Photoshop free”. Eventually, Krita focused only on being a digital design program and one of the most popular in the world.

As free software, Krita allows apprentices or curious people to develop skills related to digital design. This does not mean that Krita is an amateur tool, after all, it is used by several professionals in the field.

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