Kodi Streaming issues informational guide

Kodi streaming issues informational guide.

If you use your Entertainment box device for streaming this is a place where you can get more information. Follow this Kodi Streaming issues informational guide.

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We at Entertainment box sell devices and provide support for device-related queries/issues via our support options available as Twitter / Facebook  / Email support available.

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If you do online / live streaming using the KODI app on a device, sometimes you may find some error occur on it ( Check log, unplayable stream, script error etc.).

During streaming videos on your box with any particular add-on on KODI or maybe the source for streaming is not working for you or any issues with them.

In this case, you need to contact the support for the add-on or the support for your wizard or build you are using. These are third-party add-ons.

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We ( EntertainmentBox ) have no affliction with any wizards, builds or add-on. If you are having a problem with streams then that is something that we have no part of our end to be checked and providing support on it.

We can recommend places for you to find helpful things or information on various add-on related news or issues etc.

Kodi Streaming issues informational guide.

These are the most things which you need to be updated on latest news and updates for streaming on your device.

Whatever you choose to put onto your device is at your own discretion. EntertainmentBox offers no support for any builds, wizards or add-ons you choose to put onto your device. We do not run, own or control any builds, wizards or add-ons.