Kodi setup wizards blocked in Kodi 17.0, Kodi builds banned in kodi 2017

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Kodi bites back blocking fully loaded wizards and builds.




As you may be aware Kodi 17.0 Krypton is due to be released to the public soon, with this latest release Team Kodi have been hard at work trying to clean up Kodi’s image.

Kodi has been under the spotlight recently because people are fully loading Android boxes with Kodi setup wizards or Kodi builds. Once these wizards or builds are added to Kodi the user will have a choice of Movies, Sports, TV shows, Live TV all with colourful backgrounds to match. Please read this post on exactly what we Fully load on all our smart TV boxes. And why you should be thinking twice about what is fully loaded on your device. “If you want to know how to set up your TV box then visit our setup page here!”.

Now Team kodi has had enough, with the release of kodi 17.0 Krypton. All wizards and builds have been blocked and will fail to install the vital kodi add-ons and backgrounds. All needed to give the end user the effect of a fully loaded Kodi setup.

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Will Kodi add-ons work with 17.0 krypton

So we know Kodi setup wizards and Kodi builds are being stopped with the latest release of Kodi 17.0 Krypton.

Will Kodi add-ons still work? Team Kodi does not seem to have an issue if you add your own add-ons but seem to only want to stop Kodi setup wizards from working.

You can still add any Kodi addon that you wish with the exception kodi builds or wizards.

Update 30/08/2016

After publishing this post, it has come to our attention that there are in fact Kodi wizards and Kodi builds working with the latest version of Kodi 17.0.


What are Kodi setup wizards / Kodi builds

Over the past few years, Kodi setup wizards and Kodi builds have been released by the 100’s. They work by allowing the user to download many add-ons repos and backgrounds with one click. This can be done with the user adding one Kodi add-on that will then install all the rest. Or by installing complete Kodi setup wizard Android apps.

Some users tend to rely on Kodi setup wizards to install new versions of kodi add-ons when they are released. Also to update older versions of existing Kodi add-ons.


Best Kodi setup wizard 2016

There are many developers claiming their build is the best kodi setup wizard 2016 or 2017 to try to attract the user to download their wizard.

With names like The Beast Build, The BlackBoxThe HubWizardAres Wizard, KodiMaster Wizard.

All with claims of offering the best user experience, the truth is they all use the same Kodi add-ons but use different backgrounds. (or skins)

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Who runs these setup wizards and Kodi builds

Most of the developers behind the building of these setup wizards or Kodi builds do it as a hobby or to help out the end users fully set up their Kodi without any prior knowledge.

This is exactly what kodi is trying to stop, they want the end user to know how to add Kodi add-ons by themselves. Team Kodi do not like the way an average person with no knowledge can install 100s of Kodi add-ons with one click.

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Will other Kodi builds still work?

At the time of writing, Kodi 16.1 is still the most recent release of Kodi. All Kodi builds and setup wizards work without any issue. They will continue to work for the time being.

If you take a look back to the days when Kodi 15.2 was released. If you try to install any modern day Kodi add-on into it. You’re more than likely going to encounter “dependency not met!“.

This is because Kodi changes with every new release. With every new Kodi version, new dependencies are needed to be met. The developers behind the add-ons now need to take into account these new changes. Then update their add-on to work correctly with the newer version of Kodi. This can stop the add-on running on older versions of Kodi. So eventually in time, your favourite add-on could fail to run on older versions of Kodi.


Is this the end of Kodi builds / Kodi wizards?

If you look at how open source Kodi is. You will begin to understand that it is going to be very hard for Team Kodi to actually stop these Kodi wizards and Kodi builds from running. It’s only a matter of time before a developer works out a way to get the build to install correctly.

Once that happens it will open the floodgates for people to replicate the fix for installing Kodi builds in Kodi 17.0 and above.

Kodi 17.0 development build has been available to download since 10-Aug-2016. Allowing not only users but Wizard developers and build makers to test.



When Kodi release 17.0 it will be a game changer with how people use Kodi wizards. If you’re planning to update to Kodi 17.0. At the time of writing most Kodi builds, or  Kodi setup wizards in their current form are going to work. We have now learned this can easily be overcome with newer versions of the Kodi Setup Wizard or Kodi Builds.

Kodi 16.1 will continue to work with all add-ons unless the developer behind that add-on changes something to will stop it working on older versions. It’s not going to be affected for now and you’re Kodi add-ons will continue to work with kodi 16.0 for the foreseeable future.

If you ask me if I think Team Kodi won’t be able to stop setup wizards and Kodi builds forever.

Team Kodi need to try to tackle the sellers behind the fully loaded TV boxes.


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