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Kodi removed new Apple Software Update 9.2 How to fix, 9.2 will wipe Kodi ATV 4

Kodi removed new Apple Software Update 9.2 How to fix, 9.2 will wipe Kodi ATV 4

Kodi Apple Software Update will wipe Kodi ATV 4,

How to block your Apple Tv 4 from updating, How to reinstall kodi when you update and is it worth updating to TVos 9.2?

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Kodi removed new Apple Software Update 9.2


Today Apple has released a new software update 9.2 for the Apple TV 4.

The amazing new features Apple have added including, A massive Siri upgrade and Bluetooth keyboard support.

They have also removed an app that's not been installed from the Apple App store.

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So anyone with Kodi or other unregistered apps on their Apple TV 4 will have It swiftly removed after the device has been updated.

If you have an Apple TV 4 and you want to keep running Kodi You have two choices we will walk you through both of your options and take a look at the new features added so you can decide if you want to go ahead and update or not.

1/ Block Apple TV 4 Updates

2/ Update your device then reinstall Kodi 


How to block Apple TV 4 auto updates

1/ On your Apple TV 4 Go to settings then system


2/ Click on Software Updates

3/ Now click on Automatically update and switch it off.

That's how simple it is to disable your Apple Tv 4 Auto updates, now your Apple TV will continue to work as normal and any apps you have installed will stay on your device without you needing to reinstall them. But what if you want to update and have all the features from the update and still use Kodi well this is what you will need to do.

How to reinstall Kodi If you have purchased your Apple TV 4 or an Apple TV 4 service from EBox  

If you bought your Apple TV 4 or a service for your Apple TV from us then you are in luck you can reinstall your apps back on your Apple TV 4 with the minimal of ease, you will need a Type C to Type A USB cable.

Entertainment Box has recently been shipping all units sold with this cable if you have not received one with your Apple TV 4 you can contact us with your order number and we will get you one sent out.

  • Download Kodi or the Apple TV App you want to install
  • Download iMazing 
  • Launch iMazing
  • Connect your Apple device, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad
  • Click the blue app icon to access the apps installed on the Apple device
  • Drag and drop apps you want to install into apps folder
  • Allow apps to install onto your Apple device
  • Complete

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The good news is Apple did not remove any of your App data so if you had any add-ons installed in kodi they will still be there when you connect your device back up to your TV.  This will only work If you have purchased your device from us or a Kodi service from us or an Apple TV.

If you have not purchased your Apple TV 4 from us you can easily reinstall Kodi and other apps with our Apple TV 4 install guides that will take you through the steps of installing Apple TV 4 Apps with Xcode.


Apple TV 4 TVos 9.2 New features


Siri voice search for the app store

The Apple TV app store is more prolific than ever, and until now you couldn't use the Siri voice remote to find anything. Now you can. The feature allows you to find specific app titles, as well as categories like Games, by talking into the remote.



Voice dictation search

Here's a cool use for the Siri voice remote: Instead of swiping around the horizontal onscreen keyboard to input characters for your username, password and other pieces of text-entry drudgery. You can speak them, letter-by-letter, number-by-number and symbol-by-symbol into the Siri remote's mic. Just make sure to pronounce “#$@~” correctly.

Bluetooth keyboard support

Speaking of making text entry easier, without having to speak at all, the new Apple TV finally gets a feature the old one has had for years: the ability to connect a Bluetooth keyboard. Of course, the first text-easing feature Apple updated (in version 9.1) was compatibility with the remote app, so you can use your iPhone or iPad to enter info into the Apple TV 4.

Home screen folders 

Now that we’ve got Siri Remote squared away, it’s time to talk about app folders. Just like on iOS and OS X, tvOS can now group apps together in folders for improved organization. If you’re like me, you probably have a few channels where you watch video content and a ton of games that you don’t use quite as often. I’ve grouped my games and miscellaneous apps together in a folder that really tidies up the Home screen. You could go all out and organize apps and channels into groups like Games, News, Education and whatever else you have on your Apple TV.

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To create a folder, select an app by clicking and holding the Touch Surface on Siri Remote when highlighting an app, then drag and drop it over another app that you want to group it with. There’s even a text field above the folder where you can give it a name. Clicking the play/pause button when selecting an app will give you further options including shortcuts for moving apps between folders.

App switcher 

Also like iOS, Apple TV has changed the app switcher user interface when moving between apps using multitasking. You can jump between recently opened apps by double-clicking Siri Remote’s TV button. This previously looked like iOS 8’s full-screen tiles scrolling left to right; the updated switcher looks like iOS 9 with overlapping snapshots of each app scrolling right to left.


iCloud Photo Library and Live Photos support

The new software also allows the Apple TV to display all of the photos stored in users' iCloud Photo library, just like on other Apple devices. Previously the set-top box could only access Photo Stream photos, which expire after a set period. Apple TV users can also watch Live Photos, where available, which are essentially short video clips recorded before and after the actual photo was taken.

Conference Room Display

Previously available on older Apple TVs, Conference Room Display mode lets you set a background and display instructions for using AirPlay on Apple TV. This makes using the Apple TV as a target for presentations without seeing the entertainment features much easier.

Siri Remote forwarding and rewinding through video

Finally, Siri Remote is changing how scrubbing through video works and removing a point of frustration in the process. Before now, swiping across the glass Touch Surface on Siri Remote during video playback would summon the on-screen interface to jump to another part of the video playing. This wouldn’t lose your place in the video, but you did need to click the menu button on Siri Remote for the overlay to quickly go away. Starting with TVos 9.2, the video must first be paused, which you can do by clicking the Touch Surface before you can scrub through video. If you’re familiar with the old method, the new way does require adjusting to but overall it’s a win.




If you have an Apple TV 4 you should get used to being able to install apps if and when needed, we have covered how easy it is to reinstall apps back on your Apple TV so its no big deal. There are always new update or new versions of apps getting released so you should try to get to know how to the basics of how to get the best from your Apple TV. We hope this guide helped you if you get stuck you can always leave a comment at the bottom of the page. (or a thank you :-))


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