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EntertainmentBox KODI freezing or Blank lines on screen help guide.

Kodi freezing HD stream issue help guide

Kodi freezing ON HD stream OR blank lines on screen help guide

Are you facing issues with KODI freezing or videos stuttering on your Entertainment box device?

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We have many YouTube tutorials on our YouTube page.

Are you facing issues with Playing HD (1080p, 720p ) streams freezing or takes you back to home screen or only blank lines and no proper video only sound on your Entertainment box device?

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You will need to check this post for a solution in order to resolve issues on the device. We are going to include two solutions for you to run KODi smooth and better with streaming for you.

Issue 1 – Usually it happens that sometimes playing streams on KODI user gets into issues like video shuttering or KODI app itself freezes or it returns back to home screen of the device or Blank lines on the screen ( No proper video ) when playing streams on it.

Issue 2 – Sometimes its does this when playing HD streams (1080p, 720p ) on the device.

So in order to resolve the first issue, you need to check with changing acceleration settings on KODI app itself.

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How to change acceleration settings on KODI –

First open KODI > System > Settings > Videos >( Settings level to Expert ) Playback.

Now there are various option under it and you need to check with selecting each option either one by one or select all on it from the list available until issue is resolved as per screen below –


And now you should check with playing stream and the first issues we have mentioned above should have resolved.

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Now let’s come to the second issues we have mentioned above for issues with HD streams (1080p, 720p ) on the device.

You need to go to Main settings ( Device, Not on KODI ) > Select display settings or Screen resolution ( Depends on the Android version) > Disable auto-detect HDMI on it.

Now set it manually under HDMI output mode settings to 1080p, 50hz or you can set to what suits best according to the capacity of your TV manually by selecting it from the options on it. You should have it all working good now.

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