Car manufacturer Lexus created a concept for seven vehicles whose purpose is to travel on the moon. The concepts were designed by designers from European Advanced Design Studio, a partner company. One of the concepts was published in the culture and arts magazine Document Journal.

The Lexus lunar motorcycle. Credit: Karl Dujardin

This shows us a kind of motorcycle called Zero Gravity. This vehicle, if created, would make use of magnetic levitation or suspension technology. This is a way to propel vehicles using the opposite forces of magnets. The so-called maglev are trains that make use of this suspension, like the Shanghai Transrapid.


Other concepts include the Bouncing Moon Roller which is a gyroscope that can be used as a vehicle. There is the Lexus Lunar Cruiser, whose concept is of a car that can be driven on the surface of the Moon as a kind of space all-terrain jeep.

Certainly the most interesting is the Lexus Lunar Mission, a vehicle whose purpose is to take passengers from Earth to the Moon, with possible tourist applications. It goes without saying that these are all concepts presented in an arts magazine. It will be many years before we see people casually driving on the moon.

Landing on the Moon is the biggest challenge

Since the mythical Apollo 11 moon trip and its crew of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong that NASA has continued to aim to send more astronauts to the natural satellite. However, according to an article published in Forbes by Elizabeth Howell, the largest The challenge is landing, the methods of which differ from a conventional airplane landing.

Despite advances in technology, obstacles such as rocks and lack of visibility continue to be major risk factors during a mission to the Moon. The Artemis project is NASA’s most recent program, with the aim of taking the first woman and the next man to Moon on a manned flight.

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