Know the differences between RCS and SMS

Know the differences between RCS and SMS

Google has once started implementing a feature called RCS (Rich Communication Service) on Android, which could be a way to counter well-known chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, Vibe, WhatsApp, among others.

The idea is to give operators back control, so you don't have to be dependent on having extra applications to communicate with your contacts. You can send all kinds of information and you will know of its reception "live".

What is RCS?

In an exclusive interview to The verge, Google has revealed that the "Chat" system will be based on the Rich Communication Service (RCS). The simplest way to translate this is to say that this function is an evolution of SMS. Google with Android wants telecom carriers to support RCS, including messaging support.

Google decides to "pause" the Google Allo project for Android messaging. Over time they want to include support for “Chat” which is not a messaging application, but an RCS-based carrier service, so we have several features available that you use in applications like Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Features such as read receipts, "live" handwriting indicator, high resolution images and videos, and group text are some of the features in the Android Messages app.

So far, Microsoft has promised to support RCS, so we have a total of 55 carriers, and in UK only the Vodafone supports RCS. In addition to all these features, Google will also update and include new features. Google Assistant integration and GIF search are some of the examples.

rcs and sms
Like Apple's iMessage service, with RCS we can send all kinds of content via message on Android.

Multimedia is the big difference

Unlike SMS, which only allow text to be sent, messages sent via RCS may include pictures, chat, sounds and videos, locations, and more.

This technology is present in some smartphones (the messaging app already includes the features), but it can also be used by installing an app, you have the examples of Vodafone Message + and Vodafone Call +.

Although they are different technologies, both RCS smartphones and RCS applications can detect the capabilities of the recipient. Thus, when you want to send an image via RCS, the application automatically detects which method is best sent, either via RCS or SMS / MMS. This way you are always assured that your message is delivered.

rcs and sms differences

Although not very innovative, RCS is now gaining ground and operator deployment is starting to take place. THE Vodafone UK already offers RCS, unlike WE and from MEO, which do not announce dates for this implementation. That is, as soon as the operators give the green light, the RCS settings will all be in one place.

RCS service is safer

Its biggest shortcoming is that it does not support end-to-end encryption, so it is as secure as the SMS service. It will be backward compatible with SMS, so if you send a message to any contact that does not have chat functionality, the messages will be sent by your carrier's SMS service.

On the other hand, RCS has all security protocols, includes Transport Layer Security (the technology "similar" to HTTPS) and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), which is used in VPNs.

In addition, recipients and senders are analyzed and the phone will filter the advertising / spam and generate an alert if message links are harmful to your device. That is, it is much safer and spam will be reduced.

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