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Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT 2 TB: the full review 2020

With the DataTraveler Ultimate GT USB key, Kingston is the first manufacturer to offer 2 TB of storage that fits in your pocket! It is the equivalent of 31 keys of 64 GB – the current average size – or even 256,000 JPEG photos of 24 megapixels or even 70 hours of 4K video. Enough to make compulsive data curators dream!

However, this exceptional capacity forces Kingston to review the size of its key upwards. Placed on the pan of our scale, the Ultimate GT weighs 60 grams, 6 times more than a “standard” key! In addition, the housing is also higher (see photo below) and thicker.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT

This thickness is also a problem as soon as you want to connect the key to a desktop PC. Its simple presence can complicate or even prevent the insertion of another USB device on a neighboring socket. Same observation on an ultra-thin laptop which, moreover, will see its plate completely unbalanced.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT

But don’t worry, Kingston has it all covered! Inside the beautiful metal box used as a key case, the manufacturer delivers a 14 cm USB extension cable to facilitate connections. A carrying case is also provided to protect the beautiful zinc alloy case of the Ultimate GT during your various transportations. Alloy which, moreover, facilitates the dissipation of the heat produced by the small memory modules trapped inside the key.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT

However, the brand does not offer an encryption program or backup software. A regrettable oversight from our point of view.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT

Mixed performance

Kignston does not rely on the new USB 3.1 Gen2 interface on this model, and confines itself to the classic USB 3.1 Gen1 (another name for USB 3.0). Proven using our review methods, the DataTraveler Ultimate GT proves to be very fast for the transfer of large files such as videos and achieves, according to our measurements, speeds of 344 MB / s in reading and 178 MB / s in writing .

Unfortunately, the bit rates collapse when the files are reduced in size. For example, with 1 MB JPEG images, we get scores of only 56 MB / s in reading and 9 MB / s in writing. Poor results that weigh the key performance score, as well as its overall score. Assessment, the Ultimate GT is to be reserved for the transfer of films, TV series and other holiday videos!

Finally, note that the price of 1850 euros is not yet final. The manufacturer must come back to us to communicate it quickly.

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