Home Android Keep an eye on your house for very little with this camera from Yi (Xiaomi)

Keep an eye on your house for very little with this camera from Yi (Xiaomi)

Keep an eye on your house for very little with this camera from Yi (Xiaomi)

Yi's famous chamber

As we pointed out, there is already a fairly large catalog of affordable surveillance cameras, but if you have to select one that is especially popular, we are not wrong if we choose this one from Xiaomi. The team has thousands and thousands of favorable opinions on Amazon, where it is sold at a very good price and offering very interesting features.

The camera thus has 1080p video recording and its installation is very simple, connecting to our WiFi network. Allows a rotation of 360 degree, which allows you to perfectly capture the area in which it is located, something that you can manipulate as you wish (with a few buttons with arrows)Yi camera always from the application that Yi has created for its management and configuration (it is available for both iOS and Android). You can even select favorite points (up to 8) and the camera will automatically move, capturing each of them for a certain time before moving on to the next.

Yi camera

It also has several modes quite useful as motion detection (you receive a warning on your mobile when something moves) or night vision (with eight infrared sensors, to better appreciate what happens even without light) and also has Audio two-way, making it easy to receive and transmit audio with clarity, so you can talk remotely with whoever you want. It is also compatible with Alexa and has cloud storage, as well as a memory card slot.

A camera, as we pointed out, that gives very good results and that already enjoys a fantastic price as standard, now improved thanks to its current discount.

The cheapest camera now

Yi's surveillance camera, a company that, as you know, operates under the Xiaomi umbrella, has a price of 52.99 euros, however, from time to time it drops in cost with the odd Amazon offer. Today is one of those days and it is that, at the moment, it is possible to acquire it for 33.99 euros, one of your best discounts.

To get it (available only in black, the white one costs 39.99 euros) you just have to click / tap on the blue button that you have below. All yours.

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