John Wick will have fifth installment and Keanu Reeves at the helm

John Wick will have fifth installment and Keanu Reeves at the helm

John Wick will return twice

John wick 3

When the third installment of the already popular saga starring Keanu Reeves, John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum, was released, the production company confirmed that there would be a fourth installment and that it would be released in May 2021.

Later we learned that due to the pandemic they were forced to change the date, delaying the premiere of chapter 4 until May 27, 2022. An extra time that no one would have wanted but there was no choice but to do so and accept that these things happen.

Now, Lionsgate surprises us and not with a preview of said premiere but with the confirmation that there will be a take away delivery. What’s more, the actor is expected to shoot both films one after the other sometime next year.

That way, not only would we have a chapter 4 set for 2022, but also a fifth that would possibly go to 2023. So bad news for the delay on one side and great that there will be more content from Mr. Wick. And it will not be the only one, there are some derivative projects in series format that will also arrive.

One will be formatted TV series for Starz and will be called The Continental. The name of the hotel where the hitmen find an a priori safe place. And then there will be another movie called Ballerina which will expand the franchise by placing us in the story of a younger assassin. Which, surely, would serve to generate more content once Keanu Reeves dedicates you leave the project.

John Wick chapter 4 and 5, what can we expect

There is hardly any information with clear indications about the plot of both future John Wick installments. At the end of the third chapter we did see Wick recovering from the serious injuries suffered and it seems that revenge with the high table would be the basis. But beyond that, nothing concrete, so neither of the fifth installment.

What is clear is that it will continue to be one of the most striking action films that are apparently released in the previous three installments that we strongly recommend that you see if you have not already done so. And if you have been in a bunker and did not know the saga, you should know that John Wick tells the story of a hitman to whom one day gangsters with very little fortune rob and kill his puppy.

This detail of murdering his dog is the point that triggers everything, because his recently deceased wife had given it to him to help him overcome the blow of losing her. Of course, there is nothing left there, to complicate everything, the one who steals and kills his dog is the son of Viggo Tarasov, head of the Russian crime syndicate in New York City.

Therefore, knowing Wick and his skills as a murderer, in addition to not being able to convince him to let him pass, he is forced to protect the life of his son by paying a ransom to that other murderer who manages to kill Wick. In short, you must see the three currently available tapes.


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