Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced on Instagram an investment of $ 10 billion in a fund created to combat climate change. The fund created by the multimillionaire is called Bezos Earth Found.

The CEO says that climate change is the biggest threat to the planet and that he intends to help explore ways to combat it. The fund’s money will be used to help scientists, activists and non-governmental organizations to preserve the Earth from change.

In an interview with The Verge, Jeff Bezos said that the fund will have no connection with private companies and will only have an ideology of charity. The fund will start to be distributed during the summer, with no specific destinations yet.

Considering that Jeff Bezos’ net worth is $ 130 billion, the $ 10 billion is a small slice of the CEO’s fortune. It is not the first time that the CEO has ventured into philanthropy. In 2018, Bezos announced that he would build a network of schools aimed at communities with financial disabilities.

Bezos was recently involved in controversy

Jeff Bezos’ iPhone recently suffered a hacker attack, presumably from Saudi Arabia. Several pieces of information from the CEO’s cell phone were stolen in what is believed to have been an attempt at blackmail after the Washington Post (owned by Bezos) investigated a murderer of a journalist, linked to Arab royalty.

It is believed that the hack was carried out through WhatsApp, by sending a video. However, Facebook admitted no blame at the notary, blaming Apple for the security breach.

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