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It’s time to domotize your home with these Xiaomi equipment

What is the smart home and how is it managed?

The concept of smart home is increasingly present among us, however, as we pointed out, not everyone continues to fully understand what it consists of and how it is managed. Let’s say that the «smart home“Is one made up of” smart “type devices, that is, they can be configured and programmed from a mobile phone or controlled with our voice.

These equipments replace other conventional ones that until now have been part of our house, such as the light bulb, the vacuum cleaner or even the purifier, or they appear as new accessories that only enrich our experience – in this second group we could include sensors that detect if a door is open, for example.

Xiaomi Home

In the vast majority of cases, these gadgets are configured and operated from a mobile phone, so to give you a better idea, we have used one of the most recent Xiaomi phones, the My 10T -which is by the way now on sale for Black Friday (in El Corte Inglés) for 399 euros in its 128 GB version-, and its intelligent equipment control interface My Home, to which you can add equipment in a very intuitive and simple way as you buy them and connect them to each other to have a perfect connected house framework.

The essentials: where to start

Deciding which equipment for the connected home is essential for you is not an easy task, because it is rather subjective that responds to the needs that each one has at home. Even so, we wanted to make a careful selection of those that we consider most popular and that are usually present in more houses.

And within this group, a smart light bulb cannot be missing. With it you can control the lighting in your house just by using your voice or through the app on your mobile phone. In the case of My LED Smart Bulb, it is an E27 unit with 60 watts of power that you can activate or deactivate with Google Assistant or Alexa as well as programming to turn on or off at certain times – great if you want, for example, to pretend that someone is at home when you’re not there.

Xiaomi bulb

Another very «smart home» device that you can take advantage of is the kit My Smart Sensor Set (now at 39.99 euros, it has a 50% discount!). This is installed in the door of the house and detects when we enter it to activate a chain reaction with other equipment that we have at home. In addition to receiving a notification on phone, opening the door may mean that the light bulb we just told you about comes on or that if you also have it in the window (several sensors come in the box), that it automatically adjusts the air purifier to save energy.

Xiaomi smart sensors

Speaking of purifiers, our other proposal to build the ideal smart home is precisely the My Air Purifier 3H. Now that we are much more aware of the importance of breathing clean air, you may want to include this device in your living room or bedroom that, of course, you will be able to control and manage from your mobile phone and configure it as you wish.

Xiaomi purifier

The Purifier 3H is not too big – watch out for this because there are other proposals on the market that are authentic moles-, it is very attractive to the eye, it has HEPA filter, it can also be controlled by voice (“Ok, Google, turn off the purifier”) and has an OLED touch screen. Of our favorite smart home teams, of course, which now also has a considerable discount for Black Friday: only 159.99 at FNAC.

Xiaomi Purifier App

So far all the elements that we have proposed are very aimed at the comfort and security of the home, but there is also room for fun among all that smart gadget. First with him My TV Stick, the device that make any TV smart that you have at home.

We have already told you about it on several occasions and it is a great price device (now it is, by the way, cheaper, at 29.99 euros in the Xiaomi store and in FNAC), very compact, which is installed in a matter of seconds and offering interface Android TV to handle yourself, in addition to a command with voice support through Google Assistant – you just have to press the second button – just below the power – and speak).

Xiaomi TV Stick

We cannot close our basic “Smart” home configuration without talking about one of the brand’s launches. Yes, we talk about My Smart Speaker, a smart speaker that joins the catalog to offer a team with 12-watt sound, professional DTS adjustment, two integrated microphones, Bluetooth and WiFi and support for Google.

Xiaomi smart speaker

It is the perfect complement to close this configuration (with an elegant and compact design, as well as minimalist), since it can be converted into the switchboard with which to interact and control the rest of the gadgets that we have talked about. And its price is great: 49.99 euros although if you buy now a 256 GB Mi 10T Pro at mi.com (549 euros) you get it from present.

Are you already clear about the equipment with which you are going to set up your smart home?


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