It’s time to domotize your home with all these Black Friday offers

It's time to domotize your home with all these Black Friday offers

Open the door without keys

Something extremely practical is being able to go outside without worrying about the keys. With the kit Nuki Combo 2.0 You will have full control over the house lock, knowing at all times what state it is in, being able to open it remotely to allow access to a family member or guest and even enjoying an automatic opening that will be activated when you approach home.

Sale price: 199 euros

Keep your house clean with a smart vacuum

iRobot Roomba

Allied to cleaning, robotic vacuum cleaners are an extremely useful tool for those who are too busy or simply wanting to take a load off themselves. This iRobot Roomba 692 has an extremely interesting price, since for 179 euros you can enjoy automatic cleaning and it is also compatible with voice assistants.

Price on offer: 179 euros

Let there be light

philips hue color with bridge

Surely when you think of a home automation smart lights come to mind. Well, Philips models are some of the best you will find on the market, as they offer a large list of compatibility with voice assistants and third-party applications. This pack includes the bridge that will be necessary to give creativity to the many utilities that you can give to these bulbs.

Sale price: 84.99 euros

Home video surveillance


Either because you want to keep an eye on the little ones in the house or because you would like to have a live view of your house when you are away from it, the installation of an IP camera can be a very practical solution for many homes. This TP-Link model is characterized by including a motor that allows it to rotate 360 ​​degrees, so there will be no angle that resists your field of vision.

Sale price: 25.90 euros

Control any appliance

Amazon Smart Plug

On many occasions the concept of a smart device gets out of hand, but in reality, everything can be simpler than you imagine. Do you have a device from several years ago and would you like to make it smart? The answer could be in a smart plug, an accessory that will allow you to remotely turn on that device you want to control.

Sale price: 14.99 euros

Control everything from one switchboard

Echo Show 5

All these devices that we have discussed you can control from your mobile phone, but if you want something simpler and not get dizzy between applications, the best thing is that you have an Echo Show to be able to control everything from your 5-inch screen. From there you can give orders to Alexa and see the results of other queries on your screen.

Sale price: 49.99 euros


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