Oppo has finally made its Oppo Watch official, a smart watch with the WearOS operating system. The similarities to the Apple Watch are undeniable, it is obvious where Oppo took its inspiration for this gadget. The watch is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 Wear processor.

Oppo Watch
Oppo Watch, the Apple Watch clone

As is normal with smart watches, there are two sizes available, 46 mm and 41 mm. The watch body is constructed of aluminum, with the plastic and ceramic surface in the larger version. The smaller version only has plastic and aluminum. The included bracelet is rubber.

One of the major focuses of Oppo Watch is its ability to run two versions of the operating system. You can run WearOS with all its capabilities or you can operate in a “low power” mode, to save energy. This mode features only essential functions such as time, notifications and alarms.

In this mode, the Oppo Watch essentially becomes a more beautiful smartband. In all normal, you will have all the Android functions on the watch like Google Play, Google Play and Google assistant.


According to Oppo’s statements, it takes just 15 minutes of charge to fill 46% of the battery, with 75 minutes required for 100%. This information is for the largest watch, 46 mm and battery 430 mAh. The 41mm battery is smaller, at 300 mAh.

This Oppo watch looks interesting, however, its design leaves us wondering. For a company like Oppo, shamelessly imitating Apple’s design seems like a low-level move.

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