Free halo for everyone

Halo Infinite Xbox Sereis X

Halo: Combat Evolved revolutionized the world of multiplayer shooters with an extremely fun deathmatch mode characterized by bestial gameplay. The Halo multiplayer set the trend, and it seems that 343 Industries want to achieve something similar with the launch of Halo Infinite.

And it is that the similarities between the first Halo and the latter that will arrive at the end of the year go beyond aesthetics, since the multiplayer will also be an important asset in the success of the game. To do this, the developers will offer the mode completely free of charge for all those Xbox and PC players, whether or not they have the game.

Why is free Halo a good idea?

Halo infinite

Beyond the benefit that users may have, offering a good multiplayer game mode completely free of charge will help to increase the user base considerably, thus creating a giant community around the game, without having to force them to buy the game. game.

It has happened with Fortnite and with Warzone, Although we must remember that Halo will not include any type of reward chest system, so there will be no danger of falling into this complicated practice that floods more and more games on the market.

Xbox Game Pass could be another winner

But the play could go beyond creating a community around the game. There is no doubt that many of those who try multiplayer will be tempted to go for the campaign. In that case they will have no other option than to purchase the game, and for this they will have to go through the box. But what is the best way to acquire Halo Infinite?

Effectively. Xbox Game Pass is the cheapest way, since a monthly subscription of 9.99 euros is enough to get Halo Infinite on launch day. This is the clearest example of the potential that Xbox Game Pass offers, as it allows you to play Xbox Series X exclusives immediately without spending a single euro more.

And of course, since you sign up for a month, for the price of what the game would have cost you, you stay a total of seven months subscribed to the service, and that’s where Microsoft is interested in having you. You enjoying a lot of games and they increasing their monthly subscription quota, a strategy that is working incredibly well for them and they intend to squeeze the most. What do you think?