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Oppo patents smartphone with Li-Fi technology! Understand what it means

Through LetsGo Digital, we had access to a patent for an Oppo smartphone, with new technology....

Google Play Store. 12 free games for your Android

Do you have an Android smartphone or tablet? Do you like to enjoy your free time...

Xiaomi Mi 10 has presentation date revealed in new image!

Xiaomi is already making the latest preparations for the introduction of its new high-end smartphones, the...

PlayStation 5 can be retro compatible with all generations!

The backwards compatibility of the PlayStation 5 has been a subject since the first rumors of...

It’s official! Google Hangouts already has reserved place in Google’s cemetery

Google Hangouts has been through difficult times for a long time, having ceased to be a messaging platform for the masses, becoming a less important tool for companies. Rumors of his disappearance have been circulating for some time, and have now been officially confirmed by Google.

Through a publication on their official blog, they revealed that they will upgrade to all users, who will switch from Google Hangouts to Google Chat. Essentially, it means that Hangouts will be permanently transferred to Google’s graveyard and users will be transferred to Chat.

Google Hangouts Cemetery

Although they did not reveal a specific date for the transition, they confirmed that everything will happen during the first half of 2021.

Disappearance of Google Hangouts is excellent news

There is no doubt that Google makes available to its users a wide range of applications that really facilitate various tasks of our day to day. However, there is also no doubt that the company often ends up exaggerating the number of applications it launches on the market.

Google Hangouts Google Chat

This trend by Google to constantly launch new applications becomes even more serious when, many of them serve exactly the same purposes. For example, over the years, 10 applications have been launched that served as message platforms.

Google Hangouts is not the first victim of “cannibalism” among company applications, and it certainly will not be the last. Hopefully, Google will continue to make these kinds of decisions, permanently shutting down all applications that serve duplicate purposes, so that the division between its users becomes increasingly smaller.

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