It won’t be Bloom: Samsung’s next folding is the Galaxy Z Flip

It won't be Bloom: Samsung's next folding is the Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Fold 2

That is the name that the famous filter Iceuniverse He has left on his Twitter account. This is a completely different reference to what we are used to seeing in the Samsung catalog, although possibly the Z nomenclature serves to classify a new generation of folding terminals.

Even so, Galaxy Z Flip It seems to us a long name, so we will see if we are really facing the definitive name or if the manufacturer decides to summarize it over time, at least for the launch of new models. But at least it seems that we have a name. The new folding will forget everything related to the Galaxy Fold to start a new stage captained with the letter Z, so we’ll see how long it takes the manufacturer to continue expanding the family.

Rumored features of the Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Fold 2

But as many may be the name that matters least to us, we will review all the features and details that have been appearing in recent weeks, so that we can put a little bit of perspective on Samsung’s intentions with this so striking device.

This Galaxy Z Flip will have a folding design similar to the new Motorola RAZR, however, it seems that we will be facing a more powerful and capable device, since unlike Motorola’s bet, Samsung could include a processor Snapdragon 855 inside.

There has been no talk of RAM or the available storage capacity, but it will have two rear cameras and one 10 megapixel front hidden in a hole in the screen. This photographic bet could guarantee a good performance when doing all, although we will see if the form factor of the device has greatly limited the use of certain sensors.

Galaxy fold 2

On the outside we will find a small screen from which to check notifications and missed calls without opening the phone. Remember that this design leaves the screen on the inside face, so this secondary screen will be of great help in our day to day.

It has also been commented that the device will forget the headphone port and offer a single port USB-C. It is something that at this point should not surprise us, but the truth is that in this terminal it makes a lot of sense, since we see it as an ultra portable device that wireless headphones will come to your hair.

Last but not least, another rumor pointed out that the screen would be protected by a flexible glass which will greatly improve the proposal proposed by the original Galaxy Fold, a phone that suffered greatly from scratches and small bumps.

We’ll see if all this is true, but at this point with knowing the official name we do not conform. Will it finally Galaxy Z Flip Samsung’s final name for its second folding phone? Today, Samsung already uses the term Flip on a presentation screen that has the ability to rotate to stand upright. In a few weeks we will leave doubts.


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