Xbox One Series will be at E3

Xbox Series X

Although we already know the aesthetic aspect of the new Microsoft console, the Redmond giant must still clarify many unknowns around the new console, so we see no better time than the Los Angeles video game fair to do so. This was stated by Phil Spencer himself through a tweet from his official account:

Our team is working hard at E3, we hope to share it with all those who would love to play everything that awaits us. Our line of art has been driven by the cross between creativity and technological progress. 2020 is an important year on that trip for the Xbox Team.

Interestingly, responding to a fan’s thanks for confirming show attendance and caring for fans with these decisions, Phil responded as follows:

Fans are an amazing part every year at E3 for me and for the team. Respecting and speaking to fans is a very special part of the show every year.

There is no doubt that this response is a declaration of intent, and that is that Sony’s stick to its users with the second consecutive absence to E3 has hurt many fans of PlayStation. Now we can only see what exactly each one will present. While Xbox seems to have reached cruising speed with the launch plans and preparation for the staging of its new console, Sony seems to be quite suspicious when it comes to unveiling details of PlayStation 5.

And is that while Xbox has unveiled the design of Xbox Series X and some of the keys to its performance, Sony remains completely silent and has preferred not to share anything until further notice. With the confirmation of the non-assistance to the E3, many users wonder when the hell we will know something about the new PS5, something that seen the seen, will make us wait for many.

A decaffeinated E3

Best games E3 2019

ESA (organization in charge of E3) can breathe easy with Microsoft on stage, however, many users begin to lose interest in what was long ago the best video game fair. The spotlights now disperse, and galas such as The Games Award gain much more strength, including Gamescon itself, which with its latest Opening Night Live event organized by Geoff Keighley knew how to give a fresh air to the German fair with a lot of ads and exclusive releases.

Has the E3 lost all the appeal it had? Without Nintendo and without Sony, many seem to be clear.